Can't take it back.

Francis, Gilbert and Antonio, otherwise known as the Bad Touch Trio. Best friends and allies, these Nations know what it's like for the world to crumble beneath them.
But one thing leads to another and quickly a bought of harmless insults leads to breaking a most sacred Taboo.
Can the other Nations get the Trio back together before something terrible happens?


3. Maid of Orleans

 When Antonio pulled up with Arthur, Ludwig was beside himself with worry, he would never admit it out loud, but he did care about his brother. However, he was pulled out of his thoughts by a knock on the door, he let out a breath, finally, help had arrived. With a quick check to make sure he was presentable, he slid on the cold and callous mask to greet his guests.

Antonio came bounding in, though with less energy than he usually did, it showed the strain this event was having on the usually ecstatic Spaniard, following him, at a rather relaxed pace, was the cantankerous English gentleman, Arthur. “Greetings Kraut. I understand you’ve been having some trouble with the Frog. How can I help?” If Ludwig hadn’t known any better, he would’ve assumed that Arthur was happy.

“Ja Limey, vielleicht können Sie mir helfen loszuwerden das eklige ding?” Ludwig answered. While Arthur was a gentleman, he had no qualms against using violence to gain the results he wanted, particularly if such violence was on a certain Frenchman. “Of course. Antonio explained everything, now there are two things that will most certainly rile him. One is how he lost Paris to you, however, there is more risk that he can turn the tables on us, so we can’t use that. The other one is how he lost his ‘dazzling’ Maid of Orleans.” At this Antonio gasped “You cannot be serious Inglaterra!” Arthur smirked, “Oh yes I am, we can use Joan’s death to get even with that Bloody Frog.”
Ludwig grinned darkly, finally, his brother will have vengeance and won’t be upset anymore, however, he couldn’t squash the feeling of doubt in his mind... What if this makes the problem worse not better?

Vielleicht können Sie mir helfen loszuwerden das eklige ding?- Perhaps can you me help to get rid of the disgusting thing?

Limey- A term used to describe British men, specifically sailors, as they used limes and other citrus fruits to fight off scurvy.

Kraut- A term used to describe a German soldier in WWI and onwards, an earlier use of the term was as a synonym for Sauerkraut.


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