Our Story

A girl at the age of 12, meets a boy at the age of 18. They fall in love but know they cant be together. They go through a lot of ups and downs. But do they stick with each other? Read and find out!


1. Summer


Beep. Beep. Beep. 

I slam my hand on my alarm clock. Its 7am. I slowly crawl out of bed and put on my leggings with my tank top. I grab my running shoes out of my closet. I leave a note for my Mom telling her where I have gone. I grab my IPod and head out the door as I start to run. 

It was a nice summer day. The sun was out and the breeze felt good against my warm skin. The smell of rain was still freshly on the grass.. 

My feet pounded against the pavement. One after the other. Right, left, right, left. After about two miles my legs were burning. I had to stop, but I knew I couldn't. I had to keep going. I stopped at a local hiking trail and just walked the mile up to the top. I sat down on a rock and looked out to the city. The city was rather quite, and beautiful early in the morning. I stood up and walked back down the trail and ran home. 

I walked into my living room to see my cousin sitting on the couch waiting for me. 

"Hey Amber!" I exclaimed.

"Hey Becka!" She pulled me into a hug, "Go get ready." 

I looked at her with a confused look, "What am I getting ready for?" I asked. 

"I wanted to go to the pool with you. We can take James and Jake if we need to."

I walked past her and into my Moms room. She was sitting up in her bed. "Hey Mom."

"What do you want now, Becka?" She was tired, and was mad at me. Like always. 

"Amber is here." She rolled her eyes at me. "Can we take James and Jake to the pool?" 

"Yeah, just leave me alone." She turned in her bed and pulled the covers over her. 

I turned to leave. I got my brother James and his best friend Jake ready and took them to the pool. We all hung out together for a while, playing sharks and minos for a little while and then Amber and I went to the deep end leaving the boys to hang out. Amber and I eventually got tired so we got out of the pool to lay down on our towels and tan. Eventually it got too hot so I stood up. I started to walk over to the deep end when I noticed some kids starring at me. There were about 4 or 5 guys just looking at me, but one stood out. He was laying on his stomach and smiling as he looked up and down my body.

I smiled back at him, and turned around to dive into the deep end and swam to the other side of the pool. He slowly got up and jumped in after me. He swam up to me and started to flirt with me. 

"Are you training for the Olympics, or something?" He raised his eyebrows at me. 

I looked at him and smirked, "Well, no," I got up and sat at the edge of the pool leaving my feet in the water. "I'm visiting my Mom here. I live with my Dad. I'm missing about a week of swim team so I figured I could swim some laps. But, being in the Olympics would be a dream come true." I looked down at him and smiled. 

He jumped up and sat with me, making our legs touch. "My name is Dylan, by the way."

I looked down at my feet, "Nice to meet you, Dylan. I'm Becka." I jumped back into the water and he followed me. We both swam around talking and laughing and goofing off. 

"So where do you go to school?" He asked me. 

"I'm going into the 8th grade." 

He looked at me and starred down my body. "So, how old are you exactly?"


With that answer, he swam away...

I got out of the pool and walked over to my cousin. She looked up at me, "So, who was the hottie?"

"His name is Dylan. We talked for a bit when he found out my age he ran off.." I grabbed my towel and Amber stood up. 

"Thats weird.." We both walked over to James and Jake and we left. 



*That night at dinner*

"So today at the pool this mysterious guy was hitting on Becka," Amber said as she looked up to me and smirked. 

I kicked her under the table. "Yeah, but he swam off eventually." I said. 

"Yeah, once he found out your age!" She laughed. I kicked her again and she jumped. "Ouch!" She just looked at me and I smiled at her. 

My Mom looked at Amber and then to me. "So, was he older or something?"

I looked down at my plate, "I dont know. He never told me."

My Mom just nodded her head and continued to eat. 

"Maybe we can go back to the pool tomorrow and see him again!" James said. 

I punched his arm and Jake laughed. 

"Oh My Gosh!!" Amber cried, "It would be like FATE!!!"

"Can you guys please, just SHUT UP?!" I screamed. I was getting really annoyed with them. 

"Becka.." I looked up at Amber, "He was hot. Go back and see him."

I looked at my plate again.. "He wouldnt like me.. Let me sleep on it, I guess."






*The next day* 

I wake up to Amber splashing water on my face. 

"What the hell was that for?!" I scream in her face.

"Wakey wakey!" She said with a smile. "Its time to go to the pool!"

I rolled over on my bed and realized I was already in a pool of water. 

"Amber, you pain in my ass." I got out of bed and chased her around. "I just want some sleep!!"

"Never!! Not until you go to the pool!!!" She screamed back at me, giggling. 

"Fine." I stopped running. 

She turned around and looked at me, "Really?!?!?" She exclaimed. 

"Yeah, go wake the boys up.." I turned to go get ready. 

Amber ran into James's room and sprayed the boys with water. "James!!!! Jake!!!" She yelled, "Wake up! Becka is going to take us to the pool!"

The boys slowly rose out of bed. "Is she going to see her soul mate today?" Jake asked. 

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Amber walked out of the room so the boys could get their swim trunks and their towels. 

Eventually everyone ate breakfast and started to walk to the pool. 

"Becka, go find us a nice sunny spot to sit..." Amber said, looking around. Amber and the boys just stood at the gates while I went to go sit down. 

Eventually, I found the perfect spot and I put my towel down. I got on top of it and laid down. I closed my eyes and tried to rest. Then my Mom showed up. She was acting all happy and cheery. (Which isnt like her) 

Amber and my Mom walked over to me and sat on their towels. My Mom just looked at me, "So, Becka where is that hottie from yesterday?"

"I haven't-"

"OH! He's right there!!" Amber said, cutting me off and pointing at the gates. 

My Mom looked at him and then back to me. "Wow. He's nice..." 

"Mom! Shut up!" I yelled. 

"Okay.. Fine.. I'll just be here.." She put her head back and started to close her eyes..

I decided to go into the pool and swim around. I hadn't been swimming for very long when I looked up to see Dylan and my Mom talking with each other. It was off setting when I saw them bot laughing. Then Dylan looked at me and winked. My heart fluttered inside my chest. I got out of the pool and walked over to them. 

"Here is my cell number, and you can call me anytime and come to the house whenever you like." My Mom said smiling at Dylan. 

"Thanks so much." He started to walk away but stopped right in front of me, "I'll see you later, beautiful." He winked and left. 



*Later that night*

Dylan had called up and decided he wanted to come hang out with us. He got to the house and him and I got talking. By, the end of the night he was calling me his little sister and he was calling my mom, "Ma"...






*Two days later*

James left to go back to Dad's house and I stayed behind to spend more time with Mom. It was Tuesday morning and Mom had an appointment that afternoon. She didn't want me home alone all day so she called Dylan. He said that he would take me to the pool and keep an eye on me for the day. I went to go put my bathing suit on. I put on my jean shorts over it and my pink and purple flannel. 

I walked to Dylan's house and knocked on his door. He answered and looked at me. "Well, someone looks cute today." He smirked and pulled me into a hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. We stood there in the hug, for a few minutes, neither of us letting go.

He pulled away and let me into his house. His two dogs jumped on me and started licking my hand. I sat there and played with them while Dylan went to go get his things. He eventually came out and then we started to walk to the pool. Since we were early, we went over to the playground and sat on the swings talking. 

"So, do you have a crush on me?" He looked at me. 

I starred at the ground below me, "Yeah.." I whispered. 


"No I dont have a crush on you. Your like my big brother." I lied..

"Oh.." He said. He looked rather upset. 

After a few minutes of silence he spoke up, "I see people going into the pool.. So, lets go."

We both got off the wings and started to walk. Once we both got in, I went to the girls locker room and he went to the boys. Once we both got out he picked a spot to place our stuff. I put my towel down and sat on it. 

"Are you going to go swimming or just sit there all day?" He looked down at me. 

"I'm just going to relax for a little while." I told him. 

"No..." He picked me up and carried me to the edge of the pool. He jumped in with me still in his arms. 

We both got to the surface and I splashed his face with water. "You jerk!" I yelled. He only laughed and splashed me back. 

"Resting is for losers" He said and he winked at me. 

I just let myself fall underwater until I reached the bottom...





For the next few weeks Dylan and I spent almost every day together. Going to the pool and hanging out. We spent the time we weren't together, talking on Facebook and texting. We knew every thing about each other, except one thing. I never knew that Dylan was enlisted to leave for Afghanistan at the end of the week. I was never even told, until the day before. 


I got a knock on my door at about 8am. I got out of bed and rushed to go see who it was. It was Dylan. I opened the door with a big smile on my face. I looked at him, and he was smiling to. He pulled me into an extra long hug. When I pulled away, there was no smile on his face. 

I saw the worry in his eyes. The pain, deep inside, His heart longing for love.. 

"Dylan?" He was looking at his feet. I pulled his chin up to look at me.. "Dylan, whats wrong?"

"I'm leaving. Tomorrow afternoon.. I board a plane that takes me to Texas for a week. From there I get on one that takes me to Afghanistan for several months." I saw a tear roll down his cheek, very slowly. 

"So, you're just going to leave? Just like that?" I started crying. "I don't want you to go.. I mean you just can't leave me here." I managed to choke out in between sobs. 

"I will come home. Becka, I promise." Dylan grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug. 

"I can't be here without you, Dylan. You can't leave." I wiped my face with my hands.. "What if you get hurt?" I looked into his eyes. Another tear rolled down my cheek but Dylan wiped it away with his thumb. 

"Becka, you will be okay. Its only a few months." He pulled a strand of hair behind my ear. He leaned in and whispered in my ear, "I will come home. Because you're here." He pulled me into another hug and pulled away after a few minutes. "I have to go." He kissed my cheek and put his hand on the door knob. Looked back at me one more time, and then he was gone. 






For the rest of the summer I was depressed. The house got broken into twice in August. I got so scared. I couldn't eat, or sleep. I never wanted to do anything. I would lay down in bed all day and just stare at my ceiling. Thinking, of better days. Waiting for Dylan's return... 



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