Just a short poem about bullying.
This is serious bullying is the worst thing ever. I know what it likes to be bullied and it sucks. Plz stop bullying.


1. Bullied

It was another of those days when you cried your self to sleep hoping that you would never see the light of day again. That was me every single night. No one could help me. I was all alone. In this crucial place called Earth. Sometimes ....I just want to die.

Sometimes it felt like the whole world was against you. You tried to get someone to help you but no one could help. Talking about it just made it worst. Then it got to the point when you tried everything and anything to avoid school. Some of your friends will start to turn against you.

Now you really feel start to feel helpless and useless and you start to plan your death. Whats it gonna be? Pills? Thats a easy quite simple death. Or get a gun and shoot yourself. SPLAT! Blood every where with your body lying in the center of the mess. The next day you meet someone. They understand you and help you and stands up for you.

After what felt like an eternity of hatred you meet someone who is just like you. After sometime you forget about the pain. You forget about the hate. You forget about the pills and the gun. Now you feel loved and you never want to let this person go. If anything happened to them you would just... Die.

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