don't judge me by how i look

people look at me and think wow weak weird dump poor well i'm they got one thing right i'm weird but i'm not weak i know that because i have awards for fighting and i'm not dumb i pass with c's at least (maybe) i'm not poor almost all my friends are famous like Louis from 1D, Cody Simpson, Emblem 3, Justin Bieber, Mitchel Musso, Bruno Mars and Demi lovato.


5. why?


               zayns p.o.v


   he called her babe. before they left i got Ella's number. i texted all the boys i found her and she left with a friend. i went inside and didn't even look myself in the mirror. I walked into my room then laid on my bed and went to sleep.


           Ella's p.o.v 


   Cody was acting weird witch is normal for him when hes around me. we went to get ice cream and saw a sine to a cool place called McIntosh farm (real place just went there on field trip). we called someone who works there and asked if we could come right away he said yes so we drove all the way there. when we got there we went in to see the old house it was pretty nice and cool. then we went to a make your own butter stand it had baby food bottles filled with cream. the nice lady there told us to shake one of them up and done we both took one and did what she said. we both started to laughing at each other because it looked wrong we finally made butter she took crackers and scooped some of it up and gave it to us and to tell the truth it was good and kinda tasted like vanilla. next we went to a stand with a map on it and boxes  were you put your hand in and guess what it is your touching there was snake skin in one and cotton in another some fox fer i one and i lured about some cool rocks i love rocks!!!!


TO BE CONTINUED....................   



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