don't judge me by how i look

people look at me and think wow weak weird dump poor well i'm they got one thing right i'm weird but i'm not weak i know that because i have awards for fighting and i'm not dumb i pass with c's at least (maybe) i'm not poor almost all my friends are famous like Louis from 1D, Cody Simpson, Emblem 3, Justin Bieber, Mitchel Musso, Bruno Mars and Demi lovato.


6. Why? #2



                   Ella's p.o.v 




      I was having south fun with Cody our next station was hard funny work we had to shovel animals poop in to a wheel barrow and fertilize the fields. After that we went to a place with a puppet area I played a skunk it was cool. I was taught about a fox and a rare owl Cody didn't like it as much as I did but he payed attention anyway. After that we ate lunch then went for the coolest walk ever and played the that's my house game. We took a brake and stopped at the park it was cool. After that we went home I stayed at his place. 



            Zayn's p.o.v


      I didn't bother looking at my reflection after I woke up and unlocked my phone to txt Ella 

Zayzay= zayn 

Cutie= Ella

Zayzay= hey what's up

cutie= Ello not much wby?

Zayzay= same wanna come over tomorrow just you and me?

cutie= sure hey I got to go see you tomorrow night <3 <3

Zayzay= okay night XOXO   

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