don't judge me by how i look

people look at me and think wow weak weird dump poor well i'm they got one thing right i'm weird but i'm not weak i know that because i have awards for fighting and i'm not dumb i pass with c's at least (maybe) i'm not poor almost all my friends are famous like Louis from 1D, Cody Simpson, Emblem 3, Justin Bieber, Mitchel Musso, Bruno Mars and Demi lovato.


3. Make me happy

                                                 Lou's p.o.v

  I felt like such a but face right after I yelled my final words before she ran away. All the boys gave me death glares Zayn was the first to go look for her then Niall next Harry last Lili i stayed knowing she wont want to see me.


                                      Zayn's P.O.V


I walked out first and climbed a tree and found her. "How did you find me?" "This is ware i would go" "Haha grate minds think alike" "I guess they do" I like her laugh it makes me smile. I was going to tell her she had a nice laugh but someone honked and she jumped off the tree. I jumped off to and saw her run and hug a boy i walked up to them and asked "who's your friend?" "this is Cody Simpson and he is not my friend" when she said his not my friend i got this weird feeling in me when thought of them being together. 

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