Waking Nightmares

This is the last legend of Cronotyde, a vast country that disappeared before time as we know it truly began...
WOAH WOAH WOAH. Woah. Don't you think that's a bit too serious? This is the story of three beings, their miserable lives wrapped up through no fault of their own. A whiney little princess, a poltergeist obsessed with explosions and a sassy necromancer who is the local undertakers daughter. They have this creepy as heck, one-handed freakshow that's been following them and trying to get rid of the ghost guy! And a dumb spiritual festival brings them together. Come join us in the 'Waking Nightmare', if you really want to.


6. Stalker

A man walked alone through the royal lapis lazuli hallways of the Royal Palace of Cronotyde, an air of authority wafting around him. At least, he thought he was alone. The invisible creature was flying silently above his head, grateful for the headroom in palace hallways.

This giant of a man wore a sleeveless black trench- coat that fell to his ankles. His right arm had a yellow cross tattooed into it, and the hand was missing on that arm. With each step of his giant feet clad in big, black boots, the world seemed to get quieter, as if everything alive was aware of his presence, and his profession. Even the creature was silent. This was the longest he'd ever gone without causing destruction.

The man turned a corner and saw a servant girl with a brush, sweeping the floor. "S'cuse me, lass?" He said to her, with a loud voice similar to a modern day Irish accent. The maid looked up, startled by the mans booming voice. Her eyes widened at his size. "Oh! Uh, erm, may I ..." She started, but she just couldn't find any words to say to this giant, one handed, tanned man.

"I didn't mean to frighten you, lassie," he said, this time with her full attention. "Biut I was just wonderin', d'ya know where the Council Chamber is. Ya see, I'm a tad lost." The maid stood there, gawping for a minute in silence, wondering how she hadn't heard this giant beast of a man sneak up on her. As cleared her throat.

"Oh! My apologies for staring, my lord!" She said, curtsying to him and fixing her hair. "I am so sorry, but we don't see many people of your size- I mean, we don't see many people anyway, excepting the Princess and His Highness!" She laughed, nervously, wondering if she would be dismissed. "Ah, yes. The Chamber of the Council of King Wygrasea is down the next hallway on the left, through the large, oak doors." When the terrified young girl finished, the man nodded his head in thanks as he strode down the hallway.

The creature couldn't take it anymore. After the man had turned to the left, the creature swooped down to the young maid, hands outstretched to her neck. The young girl gasped as she felt invisible hands around her neck, then her eyes widened as she realised she couldn't breathe. It kept it's at her neck as she thrashed around, trying to breathe, her face turning blue. Eventually, the lack of oxygen overcame her and she slumped to the floor, unconscious. That still wasn't enough to satisfy the creature, so it held her there until her heart stopped beating. Then it digested her soul into its pit of power in it's stomach, left her there and flew down the halls to the Council Chamber, cackling silently.

The ancient doors creaked open as the man walked in, all eyes in the room upon him. He shrugged it off and lowered to one knee. The voice of the most powerful man in Cronotyde echoed through the chamber. " Ah, so our Contractor has finally arrived." The Contractor stood, and looked into the eyes of the High King of Cronotyde, and the God of time and weather, Wygrasea, who sat in robes of red with gold and silver detail upon the marble throne of Cronotyde, which would be his daughter's when he passed. Atop his brow was a golden crown, the colour of an amber summers sunset. On four spires reaching up from the crown, representing North, South, East and West were set four large gems. A ruby, a sapphire, an emerald and the largest one pointing North, a diamond. The Contractor gave a cocky half-smile. "I'm sorry I'm late, yer 'ighness, but your servant lassies prefer to gawk than offer' directions, 'm afraid." The King sighed and muttered "Anne again?" "Well, I'm 'ere now! Let's get star'ed!"

One of the councillors cleared her throat and said, with a squeaky voice, "Well, the last incident was at zero-eight-hundred hours, yesterday. Reports claim another small village was burnt to the ground, and like all he others, all that was left was ashes, smouldering ruins and bodies and one survivor. " a series of hushed whispers began to spread, cut short by Wygrasea thumping the table. The Contractor thought for a while. "So, d'ya think it's a ghost?" The mention of ghost made the creature shiver. Wygrasea said, "this is the fifth small village destroyed this week!" A flicker of sadness came into his eyes, but was pushed out by determination. "We fear it is the doings of a creature tainted by the evils of this world."

The Contractor said, "aye, that sounds like a ghost alright. The Ama Sue charts would depict this as..." He checked a notebook from his pocket, "a poltergeist." He laughed, it booming all through the room. "Looks like you've hired yourself an exorcist by the name of Frank! Pleased to meet you!"

The creature fled silently, zipping through corridors to get as far away from here as it could. The king thought for a minute, then said quietly, "you are a sorcerer, correct, Contractor?" Frank nodded smugly, "well, would you be interested in tutoring my daughter in magic? It would only be for a while, and you could come back to it, after you have rid us of this poltergeist." The Contractor nodded, smiling. The king motioned to one of the messengers posted beside the door. "You, boy! Fetch my daughter!"

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