Waking Nightmares

This is the last legend of Cronotyde, a vast country that disappeared before time as we know it truly began...
WOAH WOAH WOAH. Woah. Don't you think that's a bit too serious? This is the story of three beings, their miserable lives wrapped up through no fault of their own. A whiney little princess, a poltergeist obsessed with explosions and a sassy necromancer who is the local undertakers daughter. They have this creepy as heck, one-handed freakshow that's been following them and trying to get rid of the ghost guy! And a dumb spiritual festival brings them together. Come join us in the 'Waking Nightmare', if you really want to.


5. Princess

I tiptoed through the giant oak doors, into the council's chamber, fixing my hair into an intricate topknot as I went. The entire Royal Council of Cronotyde were sitting around the huge oval mahogany table. Just my luck.

I coughed, politely attracting attention. "I apologise Council," I recited, using all my court-trained charm and manners, "Perhaps now isn't the most appropriate time for an interruption-" I was caught in a vice grip by strong, nimble arms wrapped around me. "Jayde, my darling! You've grown so much since I saw you last!" A happy, youthful voice piped in my ear. A voice I recognised as Zoeya, or Zoey, the Deity of Hunt. I felt the scarlet blush flood my face, as every single eye in the room was on us.

Zoey directed me to a seat, to the right of my father, the usual seat for the heir, but, unfortunately, to the left of Israph. In Latyn, a language most aristocrats were well-versed in, left translates into sinister. Which was exactly what Israph was, being the Son of Satan, and the God of Evil. My Father glanced me over, making sure I was appropriately attired for Council, then they got back to their meeting.

Despite Zoey promising I was not a pest, I felt very uncomfortable and useless, being in a large echoey room with a lot of Gods and Godesses. They argued and murmured almost silently, as if it were too confidential for the Princess of Cronotyde to hear. And those seats numbed my butt. My eyes shifted around the room, settling on the face of every Deity in there. The they rested on Leica. I couldn't remember what aspect of life she governed (despite my father forcing onto me how important it was I knew what every Deity governed), but judging from her pointy features and blood red eyes, it probably wasn't something like kittens, or love. Leica glared at me, then glanced at the door, as a way of telling me these matters did not involve me. I stood up and parroted the "proper" way to excuse myself, " forgive me, Council. While it would delight me to stay, my studies forbid it. Good-Day, my Council." I smiled at Zoey, but nobody else had really noticed, or cared. I walked quickly out of the council chamber, but as soon as I was out of earshot I sighed with relief as undid my hair, letting it fall in a golden wave around my elbows. I climbed all the flights of stairs to my chambers, and entered my bedroom with burning legs. I sat on my floor and retrieved my blue and silver journal from behind the chest of drawers. I muttered the spell to open the lock, took the ravenfeather quill and black ink from their holders and had no sooner wrote dear diary when there was a sharp knock on my door. I thrust my journal on my bed, straightened myself and went to open the door. A handsome young man was standing there. "Good evening, Princess." He said, his tone of formality indicating he was one of my father's messengers. " His Highness wishes to see you now. A guest if great importance requests an audience with you and His Highness."

My heart began pounding in my chest. What kind of importance? Was this person family of the man I killed? Was it the royal guard here to arrest me? Was it an assassin, sent by a grieving fiancé to dispose of the Murderous Princess? I was shaking but I stuttered. "Very well. Please give this guest my regards and tell them I will be down in a short while." He bowed low.

"Good evening, M'lady," wit that he left. I began to dress the part of a princess. I put on my red temple gown, fastened my dark green cloak that trailed along the ground, my dancing shoes slipped onto my feet perfectly, and I fixed my hair in an elaborate topknot, with some hair parted down my shoulders. I stood up, glanced in the mirror at the future Queen of Cronotyde, and sighed deeply. This was going to be a long night.

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