Running From Death

Adam Waller is a pretty average guy. Living in the English village of Whitehawk, Adam's life is on the brink when he has a heart attack. Being pronounced dead, the Grim Reaper comes for him, but an unfortunate event leaves Adam as the Grim Reaper of Whitehawk, until he is forced to kill someone he loves. Unable to do the deed, he runs off, leaving his life behind. But is it really possible to run from Death.


1. Prologue

Lying on the damp floor, Adam was a mess. He hadn't washed in ages, which was easy to tell, his unshaven face covered in dirt that had built up over his month in solitude. His usually short, dark brown hair hadn't been gelled and had begun to cover his eyes. Not that there was anything to see anyway. But his baby blue eyes remained the same, as they always did, only ever so slightly bloodshot, but that was mostly due to dehydration. He was sleeping completely fine. Sleeping was the only thing he did, really. When he was dreaming he would escape to another world, instead of his cramped, dark cell. He would see sunlight, experience happiness, live his life without any boundaries. And he could revisit the past. I'm only 25. I can't spend my eternity here. But there was no way of leaving the darkness. All he could do was lie there, begging for someone to let him out. "At least I haven't turned completely insane," he muttered to himself. Just about standing up, having to slightly lower his head to fit, he made his way around touching the walls, trying to look for a slight change from the smoothness of the walls. There must be a door somewhere. I was let in through a door. But there was nothing there. Only the perfectly smooth and soft but cold surface. He laid down, burying his face in his hands and began to gently sob. The sobbing grew louder, and grew into brawling. Adam began to kick the walls, partially still trying to find a way out but mostly in anger. All of a sudden he stopped. He had this thought in his head that he didn't have before. Somehow he knew it would work. "I would like to challenge Death to a duel!" he screamed at the ceiling, sat up at this point. All of a sudden, the ceiling basically just opened up. A face started to appear, leering at him, human on one side, skeleton on the other. Its only eye (as the skeleton half didn't have one) was about as large as Adams whole body. It's mouth didn't move as it spoke, and it's face and mouth stayed emotionless as it spoke. "Do you, Adam Waller, Reaper of Whitehawk, submit a challenge of a duel to Almighty Master Death?" Despite being laid down for the past month or so, Adam felt adrenaline surge through him. He was ready. "Yes!" He shouted even though the face could probably still hear him if he didn't, "Right now!". "As you wish," the face replied, still with no emotion, "but let me tell you something, Death always wins." Adam felt light headed as the everything became blank and he slipped into darkness once more...

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