One Direction Imagines

Hi. If you would like an imagine request it in the comments. I do dirty, romantic, or whatever your little heart desires. I will update daily. Enjoy!


1. Example. Romantic.

Tears roll down your cheeks as you look at the picture. It was your boyfriend Liam kissing another girl. Angrily you throw your phone against the wall.

"Mommy, what wong?" Your 2 year old daughter asked. You smile at her cuteness.

"Nothing baby," You told her. You hear your phone ring and grab it out of your purse. It was Liam. You quickly leave the room not wanting your daughter to hear.

"What do you want!?" You harshly answer.

"Babe please don't be mad at me! That picture is fake." He pleaded. You let out a sigh of relief.

"I love you so much, You know that? I can't stay mad at you." You told him.

"I'm glad to hear that." He chuckled. " Now look outside."

Confusingly you look out the kitchen window.  Outside you see Liam. The rest of the band are there to. They are holding a sign. You go outside to read it. It said 'Will you marry me?' It read. Tears sprang to your eyes. You nodded rapidly. You ran up to him and shared a passionate kiss. Once you pulled away you hear the music to your and Liam's song begin to play. It was 'Kiss it better' by he is she. You smile as Liam and the boys sing it to you. You could not imagine a more perfect life.

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