One Direction Imagines

Hi. If you would like an imagine request it in the comments. I do dirty, romantic, or whatever your little heart desires. I will update daily. Enjoy!


2. Cute for amber.

You giggle  as you watch your boyfriend perform on stage. You love it when you can come to th  concert. You love  rush you get when standing there. 

"The next we are going to sing is for some very special people." Niall says into the Mic. You Eleanor and Perrie look at each other. You all have huge grins on your face.

"Amber, Perrie, and Eleanor. Please step onto the stage." Louis says. You all squeal and climb on. You all run to your boyfriends. Niall begins to fake cry. 

"Don't worry Niall." Harry says hugging him. Narry! The boys all begin swaying back and forth with there girls, well except Niall and Harry they were swaying together. You rest your head on Liam's muscular chest. You smile on what wonderful boyfriends you have. 

"Okay you guys I have something very important to say." Liam said after the song. The crowd screamed louder.

"Amber you are the most amazing, beautiful person I've meet. Will you marry me?" He asked. You were speechless. You nodded your head viciously, as you fell into his arms. The crowd screamed at its loudest. Your life was perfect.


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