He saved me (O2L fanfic)

Hi I'm Jasmine,I'm 18 and my best friend is Jen (jennxpenn), I self harm because I get bullied so much, I'm obsessed over o2l and other youtubers. One day Jen invited me to this thing called Vidcon and that's when my life stared to change I fell in love with on of the guy from O2l and it was........Read to find out what happens


3. Water park

*Jasmine's Pov*

I wake up at a hotel room.How did I even get here o well. I see Jenn,Anthony,Jc,Kian,Sam,Ricky,Trevor,and Connor sitting on the floor watching tv and playing cards "She's awake!!"Sam yelled.Damn that boy can yell i smiled and walked to the fridge and got something to drink I walked over to a spot where I can sit "Hey are you okay?"Ricky asked "Yeah I'm fine." I fake smiled "Sam looked jealous that I was talking to Ricky but no one else seemed to notice everyone else was having their own convocation I just ignore it.

*Sam's Pov*

I'm so mad at Ricky right now like come on I really like Jasmine and he knows that I just watched them talk then Kian walk up to me "Bro are u okay?"he asks "No,I really like Jasmine and I guess I'm jealous that Ricky's talking to her." I say "Ookay."Kian said and walked away 

*Jasmine's Pov*

"I'm bored let's go to the water park!" Jc says everyone nodded but me "Come on Jasmine don't be a party pooper!"Connor says playfully "I can't go..."I say sadly Jenn understood right away "just use long sleeves."Jenn suggested "okay fine."I said all the boys looked confused except for Anthony. *skip the car ride* "I wanna go to the big water slide"I said "I'll go with you"Kian said me and Kian were waiting in line for the water slide "So um why r u using long sleeves instead of a bathing suit"Kian asked I just stood their in shock "Um I just like long sleeves" I said quickly "Oh okay do u wanna together on the slide?"he asked "sure" I smiled. Me and Kian got to know each other better and stuff he's really cute I really like him we finally made it to the top we went on the slide he had to keep his arms wrapped around me his hands r so huge omg he's we went down the slide Kian was screaming like a little girl the whole time it was funny me and Kian got out of the little pool thingy and a girl noticed him and walked up to him and pushed me out of her way "Can I get a picture with u please" She asked "Um No."he said "why not!"she said angry "Because u can't push people like that" He grabbed my hand  walked away "Jasmine I'm sorry about that" He said "Kian it's fine u didn't do anything"I said he smiled Trevor walked up to us "Hey guys!" he said "we're going home now"Jc said



A/N: Hey guys! Liking it so far? Sorry i had to end it here :( I know Connor isn't in O2l anymore but in his fanfic he is😊 Who do u guys ship Jasmine with leave it in the comments below love u guys! Xx❤️

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