He saved me (O2L fanfic)

Hi I'm Jasmine,I'm 18 and my best friend is Jen (jennxpenn), I self harm because I get bullied so much, I'm obsessed over o2l and other youtubers. One day Jen invited me to this thing called Vidcon and that's when my life stared to change I fell in love with on of the guy from O2l and it was........Read to find out what happens


2. Vidcon

~Jasmine's Pov~

Today is vidcon yay! To be honest I am kinda nervous what if no one likes me?What if people in my school are there what if Addison and Emily are there But theirs alway security guards right? Anyway I pack my stuff and hop on the shower I feel a couple of stings because on my cuts o well I get out of the shower and put on a long sleeved shirt that said 'youtubers saved my life' the sleeves where red and the words where black and the rest was white I but on white hight waisted shorts and Red converse I put a little bit of mascara on I mean I'm gonna meet a whole bunch of youtubers I have to look nice.I tell my mom I'm not going to be home for 5days but she doesn't Care why would she anyway. *honk honk* I run outside say hi to Jen and Anthony they both had their jaws dropped "what do I have something on my face?" I ask "no u look so beautiful!!"they both say which makes me smile. *skip the car ride* Omg we're herein can't believe it! I stay close to Jen as possible but I'm so distracted by how much people in my school are here! "Jasmine come say hi to my friends"Jen says I run up to Jen and see 2 people Rebecca Black and Miranda Sings omg no way "hi I'm Rebecca"Rebecca says smiling "hi I'm Miranda"Miranda says "hi I'm Jasmine"I say stuttering shit why is it that every time I'm nervousness I stutter. 

~Jen's Pov~ 

Jasmine got along really well with Rebecca and Miranda I'm really happy that she's happy "you guys literally saved my life"Jasmine says "yea I could see your shirt"Miranda says smiling "Awww" Rebecca says abt to cry. We hung out until Rebecca had a whole bunch of fans crowding her and Miranda. Omg the o2l boys are literally right in front of us but Jasmine sees distracted hehe perfect I give the boys a sing all telling them to come.

~Jasmine's Pov~ 

Great people in my school are pointing at me and laughing I get lost in thoughts "Hey Jen who is this"I hear a familiar voce say my thoughts broke apart and I see the whole o2l "this is my best friend her name is Jasmine."Jen says proudly. They all hugged me for a hello I can't believe this is actually happening I'm meeting apt he boys that saved my life I think I'm abt to cry moments later we we're talking and I really hit me I can't believe it I'm actually talking to o2l a couple seconds I start crying "Are you okay babe?"Sam asks I nodded no  then he hugs me them then it became a group hug I well obviously they did I started crying out of nowhere they probably think I'm weird great I messed up my chances with o2l god I'm such an idiot soon enough people in my school came up to me and called me a freak right in front of the boys and Jen I started crying and ran to the bathroom where I see more girls from my school "girls look it's Jasmine she thinks she's so cool because she's hanging out with o2l"Ryle says and all the girls start to laugh I ran out of the bathroom right to Anthony "O my god Jasmine are you okay what happened?!?"he asked 

~Anthony's Pov~

I see Jasmine with mascara marks all over her face "O my god Jasmine Are you okay" I asked she nodded no and started to cry even more I pull her into a hug while she cuddles into my chest.I feel so bad for her yes i noticed the cuts,yes I know her dad died,yes I know her mom is a bitch to her,yes I know she gets bullied nonstop! I hate it so bad sometimes I just wanna take her into my family and change she school she's like a sister to me and I hate seeing her hurt. Soon enough she starts sleeping Jen and the o2l boys run up to me I told then she came crying to me I see Sam getting kinda jealous o boy does he like her?!?







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