He saved me (O2L fanfic)

Hi I'm Jasmine,I'm 18 and my best friend is Jen (jennxpenn), I self harm because I get bullied so much, I'm obsessed over o2l and other youtubers. One day Jen invited me to this thing called Vidcon and that's when my life stared to change I fell in love with on of the guy from O2l and it was........Read to find out what happens


1. Friday

It's Friday I'm suppose to go to school but today I'm not going. Instead me,Jen,and Anthony (lohanthony) are going to starbucks yay! "Jasmine can I ask you something?"Jen says "yea what's up?" I say "Well me and Anthony are going to vidcon tomorrow and we wanted to know if you wanna come with us."Jen says "yea come on it will be so much fun and plus o2l is gonna be their"Anthony winks. "Okay Okay fine"I say. We arrived at starbucks and ordered our drinks we bumped into some of Jen's and Anthony's fans "Who's that" a girl asks Anthony while pointing at me "is it your girlfriend?!"another girl asks angry "This is my friend Jasmine and no she's not my girlfriend but she's one of my best friends"he says smiling and hugging me. "WELL SHE LOOK MORE THAN A FRIEND!"the 2nd girl said while storming off.Wow people these days I thought to my self.Jen and Anthony were now surrounded by fans so I sat alone at a table then I see those 2 girls again they come up to me push me down and kick me when I got up one of them slapped me across the face "That's what u get for dating our man"one of them say "Anthony is ours okay Emily's"one girl pointed at her self "and Addison's"the other girl pointed at her self. They both walked away with big Smiles on their faces.Jen and Anthony run up to me asking if I was okay I nodded no and started crying on Anthony's shoulder we get in the car and I told them everything that happened "If those girls are at vidcon I'll beat the shit out of em" Jen says. Jen dropped me off at my house I thanked both of them and hugged them. It was night and everyone in my house was sleeping I tried to look for my special box that had my blades in it. Slice "I'm so ugly"I say repeating what the girls in school say.cut "im so fat". Stab "I'm useless" I keep repeating while I'm cutting 

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