Just a Love story

I was forced to move from London to Ireland and my whole life collapsed. It was a completely different life in Ireland and I hated it so much. Even the guys were weird and the girls were just wimpy. I would never find my place in such a place!


12. The party and Niall

I did the right thing. I chose to take with me Niall after school and I took him to the park. 
"What is it?" 
I spun around and looked at him. I felt the tears came and I could feel my whole body wanted me to be honest. 
"I must break up with you." 
Niall was just silent and stared at me. He sank down and sat on a bench. 
"But I thought we had it good between each other?" 
I wiped away the tears. 
"It's not you, it's me, I can't be with you, and I wont explain why. I love you and I really wished that we would ..." I couldn't stop crying. I felt my whole body shook. I chose to escape from the place. I didn't want him to find out what an idiot I was. Instead I ran and I ran all the way home. I locked myself in my room and the tears just squirted. I no longer knew what I wanted and I realized that I had fucked everything up. My mom tried to knock on the door, but I quickly snapped of her.


The sun went down when I started to calm down. I stayed in bed and put the laptop in my lap. I called Sandy and explained everything. I told every detail so that she would understand. 
"You're an idiot." she mumbled and looked at me. "You should have thought about it before you said yes to that guy." 
I agreed and wiped my face. 
"And now I sit here and act like a baby?" 
She snorted lightly. 
"You shouldn't have moved." 
I agreed. 
"I wish I could come to you and be in London. Sucks here and I feel so misplaced."
She seemed to think. 
"Does your mother agree that you come here for a weekend?" 
I knew my mom would say no. I shook my head and looked down at my hands. 
"No, I know she will say no." 
Sandy sighed. 
"If she changes her mind, my door is open to you. You know I'm always here for you and I'm your friend." 
"My best friend!" 
She laughed lightly. 
"Yes, you have helped me many times. I hope it will be all right?" 
I shook my head. 
"No, I've made ​​a fool of me."


Eleanor had no idea about anything. When Friday came, she switched on at my house and I chose to go with her to the party. 
"Louis will meet me there." she said happily. "It's a shame that you aren't with Niall?" 
I agreed, but I thought the opposite. 
"It just felt not right." 
She giggled. 
"He's a wimp, huh? I can imagine that he's boring?" 
The truth was that Niall wasn't boring, but I didn't dare to defend him. I didn't want her to know the truth and I didn't want her to hear what really happened behind her back.


I was tired when we arrived. I saw Niall in the corner and he avoided me. In a way, it was just as well that we weren't a couple, but at the same time I realized that I really loved him. Harry, however, was delighted. He came up to me and gave me a hug from behind. 
"So you're free?" 
I sighed. 
"I don't want a boyfriend." 
He just grinned and pulled me to one of the many tables. There were plastic cups there with alcohol and I didn't hesitate. Still, I had ruined everything and I took one of the mugs. Harry laughed when I swept it all at once. 
"You are an edited girl?" 
I couldn't bother me. I saw that Niall was talking to other people and I saw that he neither felt for partying. Yet he stayed.


I ended up in a fog. I was dizzy and I didn't know what I did. I realized that I was under the influence of alcohol, which led to that I just walked around and tried to stand straight. Right as it was, I saw Eleanor cry. She stood with Perrie and I walked over to them. 
"What happened?" 
Eleanor threw herself into my arms. 
"Louis said he didn't want to be with me anymore." 
I swallowed and I understood that he had plans for me. 
"He's an idiot!" I got out of me. Eleanor released me and corrected her makeup. 
"But I thought he..." she paused and looked over at Louis who was standing in a corner and just stared at me. "Maybe he wants you now?" 
I couldn't look after what he glared at and I shook my head. 
"No normal guy says no to you." 
Perrie agreed. 
"You're wonderful, and he's just an idiot."
I didn't notice that Niall came over to us. I just saw that Eleanor and Perrie fell silent and stared behind me. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. 
"Can we talk?" 
I swallowed and shook all over. I knew I had to answer him. 
"About what?" 
Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me away. He took me out of the house and we stopped on the street. He looked straight into my eyes. 
"Tell me you didn't mean that you don't want to be with me." 
I gulped and looked at him. I didn't know what to say. 
"Niall, believe me you wish to not be with me." 
He didn't give up. 
"I wont leave you until you tell me why."
I wanted to throw myself on him and hug him, but instead I hesitated. Why was life so hard? I tried to come up with a stupid excuse, but there were none. 
"I'm the wrong girl for you." I said honestly. "You need someone like Eleanor or a girl that's really is normal." 
Niall looked  me. 
"You're normal and I love you. I don't want another girl. You are the only one I ever loved."
"Emma, he bothering you or what?" 
I was startled and spun around. Louis came out of the house and he looked cold at Niall. I swallowed. 
"No, we're just talking." 
Louis came up to us and took his arm around my shoulders. He looked coldly at Niall. 
"Leave her alone!" 
Niall didn't want to leave me. 
"I have the right to talk to my ex girlfriend." 
Louis laughed cold. 
"Yes, you can talk, but now she's with me." 
Both me and Niall balked. I just stared at Louis. 
"Am I with you?" 
He chuckled lightly and nodded. Then he pushed Niall away from me. 
"I want you to leave the party. You aren't welcome here."


I was pissed. Niall ran away and I heard him crying. 
"YOU are fucking crazy! You're breaking up with Eleanor and then ..." 
Louis kissed me. I felt his lips against mine and he pulled me towards him. 
"Just shut up." he mumbled and smiled at me. "You're with me now and it doesn't matter if I said no to Eleanor." 
I tore myself from him. 
"You are sick?"
Louis laughed and took my hand. He pulled me back to the party and he pulled me right up to Eleanor. 
"Just to let you know about it. It's Emma I love." 
I just wanted to die and I saw how both Eleanor and Perrie was jaw-dropping. They just stared at him. Louis snorted lightly. 
"I don't want to be with a fucking pussy who just says yes. II want an editing girl and I choose her."
Okay, I had myself to blame. Still, I tore myself from his hand and looked at him coldly. 
"You can't order me around?" 
Louis spun around and looked at me with an amused look. 
"If I remember right, it's you who doesn't keep your hands away from me?" 
I was so angry and I pulled myself away from him. 
"You fucking lecher!" 
Louis just laughed and walked towards me. 
"And you? What are you? A big Whore?" 
I just wanted to cry. I understood that Eleanor already knew that I had been with him. Still, she seemed to be left as a question mark. I looked at her and I looked at everyone who was staring at us. 
"Louis thinks he owns me." 
He laughed on. 
"No, you own me?"
I spun around and left the party. I just ran straight out and I wanted to go home. I just wanted to leave my life and die. I couldn't defend myself anymore and I already knew that I had done wrong.

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