Just a Love story

I was forced to move from London to Ireland and my whole life collapsed. It was a completely different life in Ireland and I hated it so much. Even the guys were weird and the girls were just wimpy. I would never find my place in such a place!


2. My school...

First day of school and I wasn't at all happy. I arrived at the new school and noted that there were those who stared at me. I chose to keep my head high and I went to the principal's office. She opened the door and smiled at me.
"And you're Emma Johnson?"
I nodded and swallowed. She let me in and I sat down on a chair. She sat down on the other side of the desk.
"Welcome to school." she said and smiled at me. "It's always fun with new students and I have seen that you have good grades from your last school."
I nodded a little bit and was able to almost not bother me about hers words. She picked up some paper and gave them to me.
"Schedule of classes, class list and a map of the school."
I just nodded and took them. She smiled and leaned back in his chair.
"As you know, we want the students running the studies well and we don't like students skipping classes. We won't hear about you smoking or that students drink alcohol. Unless you follow the rules you risk being expelled from this school, but you certainly had the same rules in your old school?"


I came into my new class. They already sat and had lesson. All stared at me and I felt like an idiot. I saw how the teacher tried to suck up to me. 
"Emma? Welcome to the new class." She then looked at the students. "This is Emma Johnson and she has lived in London." 
I couldn't seek any eye contact and I saw that a bench was vacant at the back. I chose to go straight there. 
"But can't you tell everyone who you are?" 
I hesitated and looked at her. 
"Who I am?" 
The teacher nodded. 
"Yes, you have hobbies or something?" 
I saw that everyone kept staring at me and I felt like an idiot. 
"No, I love make-up, network and socialize with friends." 
I didn't say more. I sat down and heard some giggling at me. Damn I should have said something more interesting. "I love to save the whales in the sea." had almost sounded better.


I kept myself away and I tried to not be in the way. When we had dinner break, I went into the dining room and felt like the world's most maladjusted person. Everyone looked like idiots and I saw no one that seemed to care about their appearance. I took the food and sat furthest away from everyone. I tried to poke in the food and I heard how everyone was talking around me. Right as it was popped a girl up and she stayed at my table.
"I'm Perrie..." she said happily. "May I sit down?"
I looked up at her and nodded. I didn't want to get to know her, but it was silly to sit alone.
"You're different." she went on and sat down beside me. I was angry, because she could have chosen to sit on the other side of the table.
"I'm from London." I whispered. Much like if it was an apology.
"I know!" she replied cheerfully. Her friends showed up and sat around the table. I felt even more misfit.
"Eleanor is my friend and Sophia goes as well in your class." continued Perrie. "We are a bunch of friends, you could say. Want to join us?"
Perrie and the others continued to sit and talk about what they used to do and how much fun it was in school. I just looked down at the food and tried to figure out how I could get rid of them.


All of, it becomes silent and all stared away at another table. I lifted my eyes and saw five guys. They weren't exactly my type, but Perries eyes were big. 
"The curly-haired named Harry, then you have the hottie Zayn, Liam, Louis and the blonde named Niall. They are so good looking." 
I swallowed and didn't care. 
"Let me guess? Every girl wants them?" 
Perrie nodded and looked at me. 
"How did you know? Thus they are so perfect. They play soccer, sing, and their parents are quite rich."
Eleanor leaned across the table and looked at me. 
"I've tried to flirt with Louis giant long time, but he hardly looks at us." 
I noted that all three girls had their favourite and I looked again toward the table. Niall happened to meet my gaze, which led to me looking down at the plate again. 
"Why don't you go over to them and talk?" 
Eleanor blushed instantly. 
"No way!" 
I laughed a little bit and met her gaze. 
"So they'll never find out that you're interested?" 
All became silent and I saw that Sophia understood what I meant. 
"Talk about what?" 
I didn't know what to say. 
"Maybe about soccer because they play it?"
Perrie gulped and she seemed unsure. 
"Can't you walk up to them, you dare after all, and we go with you?" 
I sighed. 
"So you want me to ..." 
Perrie cut me off quickly. 


To my great relief the guys were ready to go and stood up. I noticed that the girls were disappointed. 
"Oh crap." muttering Eleanor quickly. "We'll have to wait for another time?" 
I nodded (and puffed out). I saw how they went out of the dining room, but to my great surprise turned Niall around and looked at me quickly. Before he left, he gave me a wry smile and then he disappeared. 
"Did you see that?" exclaimed Sophia. "Niall looked at Emma."
Perrie became like crazy. 
"He looked at you" 
I frowned and gulped. 
Sophia leaned over the table. 
"He has hardly seen us." 
I swallowed and realized it was something big for them. To me he was just one at school, but I have to admit that Niall was cute. He had given me such a smile where that got stuck and I saw his face in front of me.


I went to my locker and took out the books I needed. I took out the map of the school and figured out where I should go. 
"Maybe you could get lost?" 
I was startled and spun around. I met a couple of wonderful blue eyes and I swallowed. Niall stood behind me and he seemed to be amused that I was standing there. 
He laughed lightly and looked straight into my eyes. 
"My name's Niall Horan and I'm in your class. I can help you to not get lost, if you want?" 
I nodded and blushed. Why did I blushed? Why did he influenced me? 
"Thank you!" 
He saw that I had all the books and he closed my locker. Then I followed him along the corridor. 
"So you are from London?"
I nodded in reply. Niall smiled with his whole face and he looked at me with curious eyes. 
"Do you miss your friends?" 
I nodded again, wondering if I should say something. 
"I've only lived here for a week." I said, trying not to show that I was nervous. "My dad works at a factory and we had to move." 
Niall seemed not to care about the cause. 
"Glad you came here." he said instead. "It's always fun to meet new people." 
What did he mean? 
He laughed and pointed to where we were going. 
"Yes, if you wouldn't have come here, I hadn't met you, if you didn't move?"
He meant well. I saw at him that he was curious about me. Then I noted that he wasn't genuine blonde and smiled at the discovery. 
He laughed again. 
"Yes, but I like to renew me. Blond hair doesn't makes me look so pale." 
I liked him!

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