Just a Love story

I was forced to move from London to Ireland and my whole life collapsed. It was a completely different life in Ireland and I hated it so much. Even the guys were weird and the girls were just wimpy. I would never find my place in such a place!


3. Make a bet!!!!

"Did Niall talk with you?" 
Eleanor's eyes were wide and she just stared at me. I nodded and saw at her that she was jealous. 
"He stopped at my locker and wanted to show the way." 
Eleanor was about to faint. 
"So he just stayed and talked to you? I wish it was me he talked to." 
I chose to continue to do the math. I looked down at the book and Eleanor let me be alone. It was no difficult math problems and I didn't spend much energy on them. I peeked instead around in class and directly I saw that Niall looked at me often. Actually it tingled all over, because his eyes were gorgeous. I watched as he leaned against Harry and whispered something. Harry laughed and nodded. Then he also looked a little bit on me. Talk about that I had floating? Eleanor, Perrie and Sophia really hadn't dared anything, but thanks to me maybe they would attract the guys?
When the class was over, I was surprised when Harry and Niall was waiting for me. Perrie, Sophia and Eleanor stood behind me and they didn't want to leave my side. 
"Do you wanna hang out with us and drink tea after school?" Niall asked. I felt that Eleanor kicked me at my leg. 
"If my friends can come along?" 
Harry frowned and looked quickly at the other girls, then he looked straight at me. 
"Sure? We usually meets at the bikes." 
I nodded. 
Niall laughed a little bit and gave me a long look before they started to walk away from us. 
"I wait for you Emma." he said and I couldn't help but smile. 
"You're crazy." Perrie laughed behind me. "This is my happiest day." 
I spun around and looked at all three of them. 
"Okay, then it was resolved? But just so you know about it, Niall's mine."
All three nodded and looked directly at me. 
"We promise not to poke at him!" 
I just laughed. Actually had my first day at school become perfect. Okay it wasn't London and no one seemed to like fashion as I did. Still, it felt exciting. I even liked my school uniform.


When school was over, I put the books in the locker and took my bag. I followed Perrie and Eleanor out of school. Sophia walked beside me and all three seemed nervous. Niall and his friends were there, as they had promised, at the bikes and he lit up when he saw me. Louis and the other didn't seem as excited, but I couldn't bother over that fact. For me only played only Niall matter. 
"So are you ready?" Niall got out, and he just looked at me. I blushed and nodded. Zayn came up to me and smiled big. 
"Have you your own bike or should I give you a ride?" 
I was fast and looked at Niall instead. 
"Do you have room for me?" 
Niall lit up and I saw how his whole body was excited that I asked him. He nodded and pulled out his bike. 
"You can sit in the back. It's fixed, and I promise that I won't wobble."


It tingling in the body. I held my arms about Nialls waist and I was sitting back on his bike. I noted that all five guys were curious about me, which led to Perrie and the others seemed less certain. 
"Do you follow?" I got out of me because the guys would see them. Eleanor nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"We are going after you." 
I noted that Louis looked at her and smiled weakly. I was hoping the guys would fall for them instead, but that Niall would stay by my side.


Okay The café wasn't like the ones in London. It was a crowded place and it smelled like sugar and honey throughout the venue. I still chose to go in and I felt Niall went behind me. His hand rested on my shoulder and he influenced me. Liam sat down and all placed around the table. I ended up next to Niall and he seemed to do everything that I would know he was there.


"How's London?" Harry asked me, and he seemed to want to know more. 
"Big!" I was silly, and laughed a little bit. "I miss all the coffee shops and I miss clothes shops. London has it all." 
Louis nodded and looked dreamily at me. 
"I was there once and there was always stuff to do." 
I nodded. 
"Yes, I and my friends were always on the way to something. We bought clothes, was at the cinema and everything else." 
"But we have a movie theater" Niall got out. I smiled at him and saw that he was trying to get into the conversation. 
"I haven't been there yet." I just said to him. Niall blushed and laughed a little bit. 
"I have to change that?" 
I nodded and raised my eyebrows. 
"So do you want to go to the movies with me?"
"Can't we all go?" directly asked Harry and I noted that they wouldn't let me g alone with Niall. I frowned, but didn't protest. 
"All of us?" 
Harry nodded and I saw that everyone wanted the same thing. 
"I can go alone with you some other time?" Niall whispered in my ear. I nodded and looked at him again. 
"If you want?" 
He nodded and I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. 
"I want, do you?" 
I nodded and blushed just more. Talk about that he did everything prefect. He was shy, but he tried to catch me. I was used to guys who knew what they wanted, but Niall was much more appealing at the moment. He was shy in a sweet way and I liked that he really tried.


I devoted more time to watch and listen to Niall. I heard that the girls came into the conversation and it seemed as if no one was flirting with me no more. Niall had only eyes on me and it was almost embarrassing how we were to each other. 

"Do you have a boyfriend?" 
I laughed and shook my head. 
"Do you have a girlfriend?" 
Niall shook his head and he leaned slightly toward me. 
"Are you ... I mean ... You wanna be with me?" 
I nodded a little bit and blushed at the same time. 
He nodded with satisfaction and laughed a little bit. 
"So you're with me?"
The difference between the Irish and those from London were big. If Niall had been in London had the girls looked down at him and called him a wimp, but in Ireland, he was popular and the girls liked his way of being.
"Don't say that you're a couple now?" 
I was startled and looked at Louis. He looked like a question mark. 
"Well, what's wrong with that?" Niall got out of it. Louis frowned. 
"Niall, we said that everyone would have a chance?" 
I blushed and just stared at him. 
Louis seemed to realize that he had said too much. Liam looked coldly at him and then he smiled at us. 
Niall took his hand around my waist and swallowed. He blushed slightly and looked at me. 
"When you came into the class, we started talking about you. Harry got the idea that we would flirt with you and only the best would win, but that was before I talked to you." 
I almost got angry and pulled away from him. 
"Are you crazy or what?" I stood up. "You can't bet on girls!" 
Louis laughed a little bit. 
"What's wrong with that?" 
I was so angry that I backed away from them, and then I left the room. I couldn't wait for the girls and I wanted to go home. I hated Niall and I hated these guys. I didn't want to be the one thing that was passed around in the group, and I wanted to get back to London.


"I want to move back!" I screamed when I came into the hall. I threw off my jacket and threw the bag into a corner. 
"Huh?" Mom stuck her head and just stared at me. "How was school?" 
I was so angry that I cooked. 
"They are crazy in the head and I want to return to my old life." 
I ran up the stairs and slammed the door.


I went in on skype and directly I got hold of Sandy. She rang me up and she laughed when she heard about what had happened. 
"So you are 'trendy?" 
I just wanted to smash something. 
"They are crazy here and the girls are so boring. I bet that they have ugly clothes when they don't have the school uniform. I miss you so much." 
I saw Sandy laughed at me and then she leaned against the computer. 
"Matt misses you." 
I sighed. 
"If I had stayed in London, I had been his girlfriend." 
She agreed. 
"He was crazy about you, and right now he's just quiet." 
I just wanted to cry. 
"Damn, I hate Ireland."

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