Just a Love story

I was forced to move from London to Ireland and my whole life collapsed. It was a completely different life in Ireland and I hated it so much. Even the guys were weird and the girls were just wimpy. I would never find my place in such a place!


17. A small end--- to it all

My life changed and I chose not to throw myself over Niall. We started from the beginning instead and we got to know each other again. I listened to him when he played on the guitar, I looked at him when he was playing soccer and I realized how wonderful he was. Louis held off and he chose to put down everything that had to do with me. He didn't get together with Eleanor and he calmed down a bit.


I still look back on my first time in Ireland. I was confused and maybe I thought I had control. The only thing I learned was that even I could make mistakes and no one is flawless. I realized that I couldn't be as home in London. I stopped caring about the outside, or I pulled down on the costs. (Mom was happy) Niall made ​​me realize that it's not what you see that's good, it's what's inside.


"Do you know one thing Emma?"
I smiled at Niall and wondered what he wanted. He laughed a little bit and looked at me.
"You're probably the weirdest girl I know, but that's what makes you unique!"
I laughed and kissed him. I couldn't help but agree. 
"And you are probably the most noramal guy I know." 
He nodded with satisfaction. 
"That's what makes us fit together?" 
I grinned and nodded. He took my hand and we ran into the sea. It was a wonderful summer and the water was perfect. I could feel the waves hit my body and I peered towards the horizon. Ireland was my home now and I didn't want to return to London any more. 

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