Just a Love story

I was forced to move from London to Ireland and my whole life collapsed. It was a completely different life in Ireland and I hated it so much. Even the guys were weird and the girls were just wimpy. I would never find my place in such a place!


4. A date

I was in a bad mood when I again went to the school. I didn't look at Niall and I walked right past him and the others. When I arrived at my locker popped Eleanor up and she seemed dismiss it all. 
"Sorry about yesterday." 
I sighed. 
"It's not you who should apologize. It's those five idiots." 
She hummed lightly and looked down at the floor. 
"If you're wondering what happened ..." 
"No," I said quickly, looking at her. "They are idiots!" 
She swallowed. 
"They fought and Niall was about to start crying. He said something about that they had ruined his life and he also left the guys." 
I saw at her that it certainly had happened more. I sighed and tried to calm me down. 
"I'm just not used to guys bet over girls. It's so immature."
She agreed. 
"But can't you try not to be angry at them? Louis talked to me afterwards and he apologized." 
I understood that he was important to her. 
"You get to be with him!" I said therefore quickly. "Just because I don't like them, doesn't mean you can't be with Louis." 
She lit up and looked up at me. 
"He followed me home, so I got home safely. He was very kind." 
I hugged her and laughed a little bit. 
"Then something good happened, right?" 
Eleanor nodded and hugged me back. 
"He's so wonderful and I don't care about the other stuff that happen."


Niall stayed away and I saw that he was ashamed. In the end, he seemed still want to try to talk to me. I was at my locker and he stood beside me. 
"I'm sorry, but that happened before I talked to you." 
I swallowed and realized that I had to swallow my pride. 
"I don't like guys who think they can do whatever they want with girls." 
He looked down at the ground and he was red in the face. 
"Neither do I." he whispered. "It was foolish of us." 
I agreed and looked at him. Something told me that he wasn't the type of guy who treated the girls wrong, but he had a lot to prove. 
"Okay," I mumbled. "If you want we can go to the cinema, but you really have to prove that you're not like the others." 
Niall's face lit up and he looked at me. 
"Sure, I promise!"
I sighed lightly and closed my locker. 
He seemed already to be clear about which films that were shown. 
"Tonight and it's a really good movie. I don't know if you like horror movies, but it'll be so good!" 
I laughed a little bit. 
"Well, I can see horror movies too." 
"I pay", he went on with. "I pay for everything and I promise you won't be disappointed in me."


When I come home, I changed clothes. I chose a nice dress and I chose shoes that fitted. I made up myself, and I did everything that I had done at home in London. When I saw myself in the mirror, I was satisfied. At last the old me was back.


Niall just stared at me when I opened the door. He had ordinary pants and a plain hooded jacket. 
"Wow!" he got out. I blushed and laughed a little bit. 
"How do I look when I'm not in school." 
He just gaped. I laughed a little bit and step out of the house. I closed the door and smiled at him. 
"I'm the same Emma, but now you see how I usually look like."


Niall did what he promised. He paid for everything and we went into the theater. I saw that no one else seemed to care about clothes. Niall seemed still proud of me and he sat contented beside me. 
"So in London, you are always dressed up?" 
I laughed. 
"No, but I like to care about how I look." 
He just smiled and I saw that he wanted to hold my hand. Just to make it even more exciting, I chose to let him take that step. He hesitated at all times and the movie began. I enjoyed still being courted by him and again began it to tingle in my stomach.


After the movie was over, we sat there and waited for everyone to leave the salon. Instead of penetrating us out, we waited. 
"Can you still be my girlfriend?" 
I enjoyed his uncertainty. It was me who decided and he followed me like a tail. I liked that feeling, because in London it would have been the opposite. The guys in London had decided everything and we girls would just look good in front of them and their friends. 
Niall's face lit up and he grabbed my hand. At last he dared and I saw that he blushed. 
"So I'm forgiven?" 
I nodded with satisfaction. 
"Sure, But never do it again." 
He nodded quickly. 
"I promise!"


Niall held my hand so gently, and he seemed not to have got a girlfriend before me. I was therefore curious and chose to ask him what I was wondering. 
"Have you had girlfriend before?" 
Niall shook his head and he looked at me. 
"No, I haven't actually dared to take a chance. You're the first." 
I was proud but at the same time, I wondered why all the guys in Ireland were such wimps. They dared nothing! 
"Have you ever kissed a girl before?" 
Niall was startled and just stared at me. 
I stopped and looked at him. 
"Would you?" 
He looked anxiously around and I realized it was because other people could see us. I took with him behind a couple of bushes and smiled big. 
"You may kiss me." 
Niall hesitated. 
"I .... I haven't before ..." 
I took control. I leaned against him and let our lips meet. I felt that he didn't know what he would do. 
"Just follow me." 
Niall blushed and this time he dared to kiss me. I took my arms around his neck and pushed him against me. Niall let his arms loosely be around my back, and he came with the kiss. When I let my tongue slip in between his lips, he was already totally inside the kiss. He moaned and I felt that he loved every second. I was attracted to his lack of experience and I liked the idea to teach him everything.

When I finished the kiss, I saw that he was red in the face. 
"Did you like it?" 
Niall nodded and smiled weakly. 
"May I kiss you more?" 
I nodded and let our lips meet again. This time he held his arms tight around my body and I felt that he had boner. I was amused by him and at the same time it felt so exciting. I pressed myself against him and I pressed myself against his boner. Niall groaned lightly and I felt that he relaxed more and more. He moaned in pleasure and right as it was he pushed me up against a tree. I loved the feeling that I felt in the whole body and to be honest, I could go all the way with him. I wouldn't have minded having sex with him, but I understood that it shouldn't happen.


"Was I all right?" 
I nodded and released him. 
"You were okay Niall." 
He blushed slightly. 
"You too!"


Niall followed me all the way to my door and he stopped on the stairs. 
"So I'll see you at school tomorrow?" 
I laughed and nodded. 
"If you want?" 
He nodded with satisfaction. 
"If you want I can come here in the morning and we can go together?" 
I nodded. 
"Okay, I'll wait here for you." 
He laughed and I saw that he blushed slightly. 

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