Damaged Heart

This is the story of Sarah. Best friend of Maya from Fallen Tears. This story explains why she left and tells us her painful past. Would anyone be able to put the ring back in her heart's broken bell?


1. My Story, My Past

Pain. Pain and betrayal was all I felt from him. He cheated on me and didn't even care when I told him that had crushed my heart. The bell that had been ringing was now silenced. I wasn't Sarah Bell any more I was just Sarah. Was there anyone who could put the ring back into my life.


Sarah's POV

Christmas! It was so close. This is my favorite time of year, I get to spend the holidays with my two best friends, who I love so much. I had to go gift shopping for them even though Christmas is like 2 weeks away. I'm such a procrastinator it's not funny what's so ever. I would forget about getting the gifts and then go crazy looking for them. Maya was the closed up type, around people she doesn't know she's very reserved, but when you got to know her she is fucking crazy you would be so shocked. It scares me sometime but I still love her. With everything she has gone through she deserves better. Nobody should ever be treated the way she was. I myself am broken and damaged, especially my heart. Mady is the type of person who does what she wants when she wants to. It's not everyday you meet someone like that, one of the reasons why I love her. She was also broken, having a forbidden love, that doesn't stop her from being herself. She chad her moments of sadness but other then that she's always happy and has that type of attitude, that looks like she doesn't care but she really does. I was happy all the time two years before I moved, don't get me wrong I love living here in London, but I do miss my family in Florida sometime. I just needed to get away from the past, start fresh and London was the place to do that. I have to stop thinking about the past it's making me sad when I should be happy. I decided to put my headphone and walk around the market place so I don't think about my shit past. I switched to my One Direction playlist and cranked the vloume up. I don't care who heard. I've been a fan of their for like ever. I had even converted Maya into a directioner when she was sixteen. I was so proud of myself. She had a thing for Niall, and I knew that if she ever met him she would pass out or somthign close to that. I had a massive crush on Zayn, but he was with Perri, and I knew nothing was ever going to happen. I was a fan of them but I didn't hate on their girlfriends because i'm not that crazy. At least not that crazy.

While walking down the street I had found the cutest store and I walked in. This store was packed from wall to wall with the cutest thing you could ever find, from doll clothes to people clothes. I was walking around the store with amazment when I spotted a necklace with two rings on it. I picked it and and found that they had been engraved. One ring said "Forever" and the other said "Love". I fell in love with this necklace. I found the price and it said it was 120 pounds. God that was expensive, that was like two hundred American dollars. I wanted it so bad but I had to buy gifts from my friends first, if I had any money left then I would buy it. I sighed and continued to walk around the store knowing that I wouldn't have enough to get it. I found sliver clover earrings for Maya and black stud earrings for Mady. I payed for them and left the store. It was getting late and I didn't have a ride home. I relized that the cafe that Maya worked at was close so I began to walk to it. I knew her schedule and I thought that she could give me a ride home because she was the only one of the three of us that had a car. When I got to the cafe it was close really close to midnight. I didn't have any classes tomorrow so I didn't mind starying out late. I loved to write and just like Maya, we both aspired to be author someday.

I relized that I was still holding the gifts so I carefully put them in my brown messenger bag and smiled at it. I've had this bag for about 3 and half years. When I first got it, it was plane brown and I didn't use it much. Then one day when Maya was over she spotted it and asked if she could borrow it for a few days. Not really thinking about it I had said yes. A few days later she came back with my bag. When I saw it I started cry. She had embroried three hearts on the flap of the bag. There was one heart in blue with black writing that said "Sarah", a green heart with "Maya" in blue and a red heart with "Mady" in purple. In the middle of it it said "Friends through thick and thin, I love you bestie!" with rainbow thread. I smiled at the memory and walked into the cafe.

"Maya you slut get out here, I need a ride home!" I knew this was a little mean but Maya knew I was joking. I looked around for her and I spotted someone.

"OH MY GOD!!" I screamed. It as Niall fucking Horan. Maya never keeps her phone on so I never know whats she's doing. I had no idea he was here and I was kinda mad that she didn't tell me. Then I saw her walk out from the back and her face was all red. I need to get my revenge.

"She love you, ya'know?"  I smirked and thought to myself, mission accomplished. I looked at Niall and then back at Maya only to see her fall the ground and hit her head while doing it. I must tell you that Maya is the biggest cluts you'll ever meet. I pushed all that aside and yelled.

"MAYA!!" God what was I going to do about this girl I though while running over to her side, with Niall close behind. What kinds of relationship did they have?

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