Skye's a girl. Just going along with her life. She meets a... guy. It's strange. She's the quiet one in her school. She doesn't know how to act. All her life she's been shy. Skye wants love. Needs love. She just needs to overcome her fear...


2. Crash

       I woke up from my great dream about Mason.  My annoying alarm clock was going off.

       "Ugh," I thought.

      I got all ready for school.  The usual boring routine.  So I waited for the bus.  All I could think about was Mason.  He would be on the bus.  Along with his friends.

      I got on the bus and sat quietly.  I dreaded the bus.  Mostly because I usually end up sitting with someone I don't want to sit with.  I looked out the window. We were going surprisingly fast.  We drove past the school and out to somewhere I don't even know.   No one else noticed.  Then I blacked out.

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