Skye's a girl. Just going along with her life. She meets a... guy. It's strange. She's the quiet one in her school. She doesn't know how to act. All her life she's been shy. Skye wants love. Needs love. She just needs to overcome her fear...


5. Continuing

     I inspected the others on the bus. All were unconscious. I sighed. 

     What had happened to cause this accident? I wondered to myself.

     I stepped outside to check on Mason. He was nowhere to be seen. I began to panic and wondered if he had wandered away, or something bad had happened to him. I searched frantically until I came across a small cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney in the distance. It was about a half mile away.

      I rushed inside the bus and grabbed Alex's hand.

     "What? What's happening?!" he sputtered. 

     I point to the log cabin.  

     Alex nods. We began to sprint towards the log cabin. 

     Who knows what we are about to encounter. 

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