Skye's a girl. Just going along with her life. She meets a... guy. It's strange. She's the quiet one in her school. She doesn't know how to act. All her life she's been shy. Skye wants love. Needs love. She just needs to overcome her fear...


1. Confusion

          I walked in.  Right away I went to the side of the hallway, and remained as silent as a silhouette in the night. 

      "Great," I thought.

      "Math class," I groaned.

       I walked past the girls that guys somehow find attractive.  I noticed they snickered as I walked past.  In case you didn't know, I'm Skye.  I'm pretty much the shy one.  Well, the shy one that no one likes.  People at my school don't respect people who are different than them.  They think that you need to be a jock or a prep to be cool.  According to my classmates, we're sorted into four categories: the jocks, the preps, the nerds, and the others.  Guess where I stand?  You guessed it.  I'm one of the "others".  I don't really care.  I just go along with life.

       Anyways, I was in math class.  I sit next to this guy that I don't really talk to, of course.  I think his name is Alex.  There's this one person that really stands out to me though.  His name is Mason.  Well, he's a jock.  He's so athletic.  Mason plays basketball and baseball.  Plus, he runs track and cross country.  Don't ask how I know all this!  I'm innocent.

       I went and sat down in my seat, waiting for math to end.  Alex smiled.

       "Hi, Skye,"

       I waved.

       I looked across the room.  I glanced at Mason.  He was busy making a paper airplane.  I never said he was the smartest person.  I was so busy staring at him that I didn't realize I missed the directions.

        "Skye?" Alex said.

       I looked at him.

       "We're supposed to be doing problems 1-15 together.

       After math class was over, I wandered through the rest of the day and didn't come to my senses until I went to bed.  I was just so mesmerized by Mason.  Why?

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