Skye's a girl. Just going along with her life. She meets a... guy. It's strange. She's the quiet one in her school. She doesn't know how to act. All her life she's been shy. Skye wants love. Needs love. She just needs to overcome her fear...


4. Caring

       I stepped onto the bus.  It was weird seeing all of these people unconscious.  Suddenly, I heard someone moaning.

       "Aghhh," the person moaned.

       I examined the bus carefully until I spotted the boy who was making that sound.

       "Help me please, Skye," Alex pleaded.

       I nodded.  He was bleeding badly.  I searched other peoples' back packs until I found some old gym shirts.  I ripped it up into little strips and carefully wrapped it around his leg.  Then I did the same to my own injured leg.  Then I ran outside and grabbed two strong pieces of wood to make a splint.  

       "Thank you," he whispered. Then he closed his eyes.

       I smiled. Then I realized with a horror that he was no longer breathing. I checked his pulse. I couldn't find it. I started to panic, then I tried to calm myself down. 

       Focus, Skye. I scolded myself. His life is in your hands!

       I thought back to my CPR classes and immediately started the routine.  Five minutes later he finally gasped in a breath and I sighed with relief. 

        "What happened?" he managed to cough out. 

       I just pointed to him and gave him a thumbs up. That was all I could manage. I wasn't ready to talk just yet. Maybe I will eventually. Maybe not. 

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