Skye's a girl. Just going along with her life. She meets a... guy. It's strange. She's the quiet one in her school. She doesn't know how to act. All her life she's been shy. Skye wants love. Needs love. She just needs to overcome her fear...


3. Calligraphy

       I woke up and felt a pain in my leg.  I touched it and was shocked to see scarlet blood on my finger and trickling down my leg.  I braced myself and got up to check out the other people on the bus.  Then one word popped into my head.  Mason.  I searched frantically around the bus, ignoring the searing pain in my right leg.  Then I felt and excruciating pain.  It wasn't my leg either.  I couldn't stand the thought of him getting hurt.

       I ran outside.  There he was.  Sitting on a log that was 5 feet away from the bus.  I sighed with relief.  He heard me and spun around.

       "Who are you?" he asked.

       I didn't speak.

       "Hello?" he said louder.  "Are you deaf or something?"

       I still didn't reply.  I was shocked.  Mason was... talking to me?

       "Aren't you the shy girl who never talks?" Mason questioned me.

       I nodded.

       "Sophie, right?" Mason said.

       I shook my head no.

       "Well, I won't know your name until you tell me."

       I looked around.  I pointed to the water in his backpack.

       He gave it to me and inspected my actions curiously.

       I dumped some of it onto the ground.

       "What was that for?" he asked.  He seemed angry.

       I held up my hand. Motioning for him to stop.  I bent down and mixed the water and dry soil together.  Then I wrote four letters.  I walked inside the bus leaving him to stare at it in awe.

There I wrote my name.  There's a lot of characteristics people don't know about me.  When I wrote my name, I wrote it with a majestic calligraphy.  I'm not exaggerating.  Let's see if I'm one of the "others" now.

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