My Missing Love

He's missing. I still feel like this is all a dream. I've been told to move on, but how can I do that? He's missing. Is this a nightmare? A joke? Wake me up! I can't take this any longer! WAKE UP!!

My amazing cover was made by Starble, who is co-author in the movella called 'Cover Store' by Ashlee Renee, Spongebobninja, and Starble. If you want the link to the cover store just ask!


6. The call

I paused for a second and then tried to decide whether to answer it or not. Suddenly reality hit me and I scambled to hit the call button. 

"H-h-hello?" I stuttered waiting anxiously for the reply. 

"Oh Hey where are we meeting again?" The person on the other end replied. 

"Um who is this?" I asked. 

"Huh, wait who is this?" The person asked confused. 

"Uh Sam, you called me." I said like it was obvious. 

"Oh! Shit!" The person cursed and the phone hung up. I tried calling again a couple times but each time it went straight to voice mail. Great.

"Who was that?" Zayn asked. 

I sat down on the curb and I looked at my phone. I started to cry. Tears were running down my face and I didn't stop them. Maddie waled over and sat down next to me. 

"It's ok Sam. Who was it? Don't let them bully you." She said putting her arm around me. 

"It, it was Sarah." I said. 

"WHAT?" Maddie screeched. 

"I think she called the wrong person by accident but, but it was her, ya it was defiantly her." I explained. 

Maddie came over to me and grabbed my phone out of my hands.  

"Hey what the hell!" I yelled as she dialed the number. I could hear the faint voice of Sarah's voicemail in the background. 

"Hi this is Sarah, I can't answer the phone right now but just drop a message at the beep and I'll get back to you." Maddie looked really angry, like crazy angry. I stepped away from her for a second.

"Oh hey Sarah! Remember me? Well if you don't it's Maddie! And you better get back to me. Even if you don't I'll find you  your own mother won't ever want to look at you after she sees what I've done to you!" She yelled and hit end. 

I watched her storm back into the police station. I ran after her yelling in the process trying to get my phone back. She went right past the desk and into Finn's office. She slammed my phone down on his desk and starting explaining what happened. He nodded.

"We might be able to track the number down, but we are going to need to take your phone into custody until done so." He said and I sighed and left the station.

"Oh thanks a lot, now I no longer have a phone." I said a little annoyed. 

"Hey I'm helping you!" 

"Well what if she calls again?" I yelled back

"Then they'll track it Sam!" She replied angrily.

"Ya sure."

"Hey! I'm tired of your bullshit! I'm trying to help you and you don't even respect that!" She yelled and I widened my eyes. We both stayed silent for a couple seconds. 

"I'm sorry Maddie, I don't know what's coming over me lately." I apologized.  

"It's ok Sam, I get what you're going through." She smiled and she pulled me into a hug. I started to cry. I don't know why, well actually I do. She backed up out of the hug and leaned against the hood of the car. 

"Hey Sam, it's going to be ok. We have a big piece of evidence right now." She smiled. 

"She was there. I talked to her. I heard her voice. I heard it Maddie. The girl who has been missing for months. The girl who might know where Niall is. I was talking to her." I stuttered through my tears. I looked over at Maddie who had a sympathetic look on her face. I watched as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Common lets go get something to eat I starving." She said and we both got into the car and left.

Sorry for the late update! I had to fix some stuff and add in a couple things, you know stuff like that. And I was camping for a couple days and couldn't do it because you know, no wifi. Lmao ok so I know this wasn't exactly what some of you wanted to hear going by the comments but in a couple chapters I'm planning on putting the investigation up a notch. ;) alright thanks guys! xoxo

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