My Missing Love

He's missing. I still feel like this is all a dream. I've been told to move on, but how can I do that? He's missing. Is this a nightmare? A joke? Wake me up! I can't take this any longer! WAKE UP!!

My amazing cover was made by Starble, who is co-author in the movella called 'Cover Store' by Ashlee Renee, Spongebobninja, and Starble. If you want the link to the cover store just ask!


9. House

A few songs later we pulled into his driveway. He lived in an apartment like us but I had a feeling his was going to be a lot nicer judging on the fact that the lobby was crazy neat, decorated with paintings and pictures of some famous people hanging on the wall. I recognized some of them.

"Why are there pictures of these people here? Did they come for a visit or something?" I asked.

"Actually no all of these people were residents here at one point." The lobby man said coming up behind me. 

"Really?" I said surprised. 

"Yes, at this moment we don't have any celebrities but we do have kin of them staying here." He explained. 

"Wow." I said. 

"Sam, you coming?" Alex asked holding the elevator door open.

"Oh sir let me get that for you." The lobby man said rushing to the elevator. I followed.

He stepped in the elevator with us and inserted a key into a small lock next to a floor number. I watched the numbers above the door until we reached floor 28. The doors opened and Alex stepped out. 

"Woah." Maddie and I said at the same time. 

I looked around. This place was a full out pent house. There were windows on all sides and two glass doors leading to a massive terrace. Almost everything was white, blue or grey. 

"You like it?" He asked laughing and Maddie and I both nodded.

There was a white leather couch in front of us and Alex plopped down onto it and turned on the TV.

"You guys want something to eat or a drink?" He asked as we sat down next to him on the extremely comfortable couch.

"Uh ya sure I am kind of thirsty." I said and Maddie agreed. Alex nodded and then pick up the phone. 

"Hey Matthew you want to bring up every kind of soda you have down there and maybe like a couple waters and some french fries and a pizza." He said into the phone.

"Alright, movie anyone?" He asked hitting a button on the couch causing it to recline.

"Ya totally!" Maddie said mimicking what he did and I did the same. 

 "So Alex I don't mean to be rude or anything but how did you get this nice of a penthouse?" I asked.

"Well my dad is the CEO of some big software company and well he bought this and a couple more all over the country so usually I'm here by myself for most of time. It's nice though." He explained.

"Oh wow that's awesome!" I laughed. 

"Ya that's what most people think," He said. 

"What do you mean?" Maddie asked.

""Well it gets kind of lonely here by myself most of the time. I mean I know I have friends but it's never enough. I need someone there for me and it just sucks not being able to have a normal life." He said. I nodded in sympathy. Just then I heard the elevator door open and the doorman walked in with a cart with a ton of food on it. 

"Thanks Matt." Alex said and opened a box of pizza. 

"Hungry?" He asked gesturing to the box.

"Alex we just ate no more then half an hour ago." I pointed out and he shrugged taking another bite of his pizza.

"Alright movie!" Maddie said getting up.

"What are we watching?" Alex asked. 

"I don't know I'm in the mood for a comedy." I said.

"21 Jump Street it is!" Maddie said and she pressed play and then came sat on the couch with us.


Alright here's an early update for y'all because I'm leaving for camping tonight! I'm trying my best to keep up and I'm actually working on a new Movella about Liam that I'm planning on releasing in a couple months :) I just want to have some chapters edited and ready to go before I release it so ya. Oh! And there's going to be another early update next week since Friday is my 1D concert and then I am going up to Maine with my friends. Anways I'm gonna stop talking now lol I'll talk to you guys later! See ya!


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