My Missing Love

He's missing. I still feel like this is all a dream. I've been told to move on, but how can I do that? He's missing. Is this a nightmare? A joke? Wake me up! I can't take this any longer! WAKE UP!!

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13. Conflict

I didn't care that my mom was notified of my little episode today, we I didn't care until she grounded me. I was forced to "cancel plans" with Maddie so now I had no way to get out of the house. That wasn't going to stop me though. I still had until tomorrow morning to figure out what to do. I fell down onto my bed and stared blankly at the ceiling and took a deep breathe and blew out slowly as I thought deeply about my plan to escape tomorrow. 

I then got up and went downstairs, I was starving. I trotted down the stairs to find my brother sitting on the couch in front of the TV and he did not look good at all. 

"Hey is everything ok?" I asked.

"See for yourself." He said gesturing towards the TV with a sad look in his eyes. I sat down next to him and turned my attention to the new station that was on.

"23 year old Joey Lee was a victim in a terrible skate boarding accident just a couple days ago. The family was waiting anxiously for the young man to wake up from his coma as the doctors did everything they could do to help him. Apparently what they could do was not enough. Joey Lee passed away last night as his heart gave out due to an allergic reaction to the medication. His funeral will be held next Sunday afternoon." The reporter said.

I sat there in aw as I felt a sick feeling crept into my stomach. This was on of my best friend's brother. This isn't just some random kid that had an unfortunate accident. I had to call Tori. I dialed her number and all three times I tried to reach her it went straight to voice mail. The third time I left her a message. 

"Hey Tori, I'm sure you already have a million messages blowing up your voice mail all saying similar things. I just wanted to let you know I love you and I wil do anything I can do to help," I hesitated, I remembered that I was going to leave her, alone in this rough state giving her another thing to worry about, "tomorrow you need to be willing to pick up your phone. If not, I am going to leave a note underneath the lose brick in the wall, you know where the dealers usually hide their stash of drugs. Well there are going to be a couple there and I need you to give them to the people I address them too. I'm so sorry once again. Bye Tori." I said and then hung up.

I threw my phone down on my bed and then started to feel a pang of guilt creep through my stomach. I can't believe I have to abandon her during this stage in her life. I need to write those letters though. I picked up my phone and dialed Liam's number. 

"Hey what's up?" He answered. 

"Did you hear about Tori's brother?" I asked him.

"Ya, that's so sad. I can't imagine how she feels, I mean I hardly knew the guy but it still is weird knowing that he died so young." He replied. 

"Ya, well I kind of feel bad about leaving her," I started.

"You can't back out, you convinced me to do this and I convinced myself it was a good idea." He quickly interrupted.

"You didn't let me finish, what I was going to say was I kinda feel bad for leaving her and I was going to leave her a letter to make sure she's not worried or stressed about something else and I decided to leave a couple other people one too and I think you should do the same." I explained. 

"Oh, ya that's actually a really good idea." He laughed. 

"Ok, so I'm going to sneak out at 5:00 and meet you at the corner by my house. Then we can go and leave the letters and go eat breakfast somewhere." 

"Sounds good to me, I'll see you then." He agreed and we both hung up. 

I sat down on my desk and grabbed a couple pieces of paper. I wrote three letters one to Maddie, one to Tori and one to Alex. After I finished I put them into envelopes and put them in a pile.

I locked my door and started to pack. As I zipped my suitcase I looked up at a picture of Niall and I singing on stage together, a gift he had given to before he went missing I got up and grabbed it stuffing it into my suitcase. 

I sat down looking at the time that read 6 o'clock PM. In just twelve hours I am going to be on my way to find Niall, and nothing is going to stop me.

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