My Missing Love

He's missing. I still feel like this is all a dream. I've been told to move on, but how can I do that? He's missing. Is this a nightmare? A joke? Wake me up! I can't take this any longer! WAKE UP!!

My amazing cover was made by Starble, who is co-author in the movella called 'Cover Store' by Ashlee Renee, Spongebobninja, and Starble. If you want the link to the cover store just ask!


10. A Day of Waiting

The next day I was packing my bag for school when my phone rang. 

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Hi this is detective Finn from the-" He started.

"Did you find her? Did you trace the call?" I asked anxiously.

"Woah slow down there Sam, come by the station after school and we can explain everything." He said.

"Can't I come now?" I asked. 

"No. Go to school. I'll see you at 3." He said and hung up the phone. I sighed and then quickly finished getting my homework together. 


"Hey Sam." Liam said walking beside me. 

"Hey Liam what's up?" I replied. 

"I have to go meet with the guidance counselor since my schedule got all screwed up." He sighed.

"Oh that sucks." I said stopping at my locker. 

"Ya so what are you up to?" He asked. 

"Eh nothing much just waiting for this day to end." I said. 

"You want to come over after school? You know hang with the guys and probably Tori and her friends." He offered. 

"I'd like to but I can't." I said. 

"Oh, why not?" He asked. 

"Finn called me this morning and asked me to come to the station after school today. I think they may have traced the call." I said closing my locker. 

"What? Are you serious?" He half shouted. 

"Shh," I said looking around, "and yes, why would I lie about that?" I answered. 

"I'm coming with you." He said.

"Liam," I started but he cut me off. 

"No. I'm coming with you."

"Ok fine but don't tell any of the other guys, I don't want a parade of people coming with." I said and he nodded in agreement.

The day went by way slower then usual and I got more anxious by the second. Finally the dissmissal bell rang and I stood up to leave. 

"Um Sam." I heard the teacher say.

"Ya?" I asked almost out the door. 

"When are you going to make up that test?" She asked and I gave her a confused look.

"How about we do it right now." She said taking out a test from a folder. 

"I can't I have somewhere to be." I said and she looked at me with disappointment

"I'm sure your friends can wait." She said getting out a pencil.

"No I have to be at the police station." I said and she stopped what she was doing and looked at me confused. 

"The police station?" She asked.

"Yes one of the agents called me this morning and told me to come by after school." I explained. 

"Is it about Niall? Your friend that went missing?" She asked sympathetically. I tried to say yes but the lump in my throat stopped me so I just nodded and she nodded back and put the test away. 

"Thank you." I choked out. And I ran down the hallway and out the front doors. 

I ran across the parking lot to see Liam waiting outside his car. 

"What took you so long?" He asked walking around to the driver's side. I walked to the opposite side of the car and got in.

"Sorry, I was just talking to a teacher." I said putting on my seat belt.

"It's totally fine. Mrs. Lenard tried to keep me after school yesterday but  had to make up an excuse." He laughed.

"Really? That's who tried to keep me after today." I smiled back. 

"Ya I think she doesn't realize we have lives outside of school work." He sighed. 

"Do any teachers realize that?" I asked and he laughed. 

About five minutes later we pulled into the station parking lot. I opened my door and walked up to the front stairs. 

"Ready?" Liam asked and I nodded. 

We walked up to the front desk to see the familiar face of the same officer as the other day.

"Samantha?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am." I replied. 

"Agent Finn is waiting, follow me." She said leading us to his office. She tapped lightly on the door and then let herself in. 

"Ah Sam, take a seat." He said gesturing to the seats in front of him. Both Liam and I sat down.

"Ok, well I'm glad you didn't bring your whole group with you this time." He laughed.

"Alright lets get down to business now." He said taking out Niall's case file, "so as you already know you got a phone call from who you believed to be Sarah, and you asked us to trace it. Well we did trace it. Luckily Sarah wasn't cautious enough to use a burner phone." He explained.

"Wow that's great! Where is she? Where did you trace it to?" I asked anxiously. 

"You see that's the problem, it turns out that Sarah and possibly Niall are in Brasil." 


Hey guys so so sorry I haven't been able to update soon enough, school just started for me and so far it's been a lot of work. Hopefully it will settle down after a few more weeks but I have soccer after school as well which makes things a lot harder to do updating wise. This is the only story I have going right now which means I am putting "He's my Brother's Best Friend" which is a fan fiction I'm writing for a friend of mine, on hold for about a month so sorry about the no update thing if anyone is reading it at the moment. Ok, but ya I'll try my hardest to update and if you have any questions Kik me at: musicsoccerfood .... I also may be making a new kik so you don't have to contact me through my personal so I'll keep you updated on that. If you don't have a kik my twitter and instagram are below so just DM me there:

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