Pretty Blue Eyes:Hayes Grier Fanfiction

There was a girl there who was just a little bit shorter then I was with bright red hair and blue eyes with freckles all over her face.
" Oh hi sorry, I came to the wrong room." She said, but that was all I heard because I just got lost in her eyes, they were so pretty. Plus she had the cutest smile. "Hayes?"

(Thank you to Ashlee Renee who made my cover�� plus in this all of them that are under 16 are 16 and Nash is 17)


5. Chapter 5

A week can fly past really fast, today is the day that I am going to Magcon. I literally can't contain my excitement. All my suite cases are ready and packed by my door but unfortunately it's still Friday and I have to go to school first.

I managed to get myself out of bed earlier today so that I can just get school over and done with. Still late but earlier. For school I put on some black skinny jeans and a floral print flowy top and some blue converses some mascara and powder and I was ready to go.

" I am literally counting down the seconds until our flight at 6!" Was the first thing that Ellie said to me when I saw her and Hollie standing by her locker.

" I know right I can't wait" I squealed back at her finding it so hard to contain my excitement.


During 5th period it was like that scene in High School Musical 2 were they were all counting down till summer. Literally Ellie, Hollie and I were all just staring at the clock on the wall waiting for school to be over so that we can go straight to the airport and start are journey. 


" FINALLY!!" Hollie shouted out. 

" Hollie, how dare you. You can now stay 5 minutes after school for being so rude" our teacher,  Mrs Roy, said. She hates us. 

" But miss we have somewhere important to be." Ellie whined. 

" You can now stay too, plus I can keep you here for as long as I want." Our teacher protested. 

" Actually you can't miss that's kind of illegal." I stepped in. 

" Now all three of you can stay behind!"

" What!" We all shouted.

" Do you want me to make it 10 minutes, now sit down."

" Fine." So thanks to Hollie and her big mouth we had to stay behind for 5 minutes. But I didn't really mind cause no one could ruin my mood today not even Mrs Roy. " Thanks a lot for that Hollie."

" I'm sorry but could you really blame me. I'm pretty sure that literally anyone could sleep through her lessons."

" True." Ellie and I both said. 

"Where've you been?" My mum asked curious.

" Hollie  managed to make us stay behind."

" Well done Hollie." Her mum said.

" I said I was sorry." We decided that our mums would drive to the airport separately with our things and we all go in my mums car to make the journey a little more enjoyable. And when I say enjoyable I don't mean for my mum and brother who had to listen to three girls scream along to One Direction, 5SOS, The 1975 and Fall Out Boy the whole car ride there. 

" You know who I can't wait to see?" Ellie questioned. 

" Nash" Hollie, my mum, brother and I all said at the same time. 

" How did you know?"

" How could we not know, he's only all you go on about." Noah said slightly disappointed because he has a huge crush on Ellie that he thinks no one knows about but it's really odious. 

" Who do you really want to see Hollie?"

" Cameron Dallas. But honestly look at that sexy face." Hollie said getting out her phone to show us her screen saver of Cameron.

" Yeah, he is pretty sexy but you should probably change that before he sees it and thinks that your some crazy stalker person." I say. 

" Right , thanks for the reminder. Well Katie, who are you looking forward to see?" Hollie asked me throwing a few winks and a nudge my way. 

" No one really, they're all amazing."

" Yeah right, we know that you you have a crush on Shawn." Ellie said. 

" Fine you're right. I mean have you heard him sing, his Summer Time Sadness cover is unbelievable"

" I knew it!" Actually they were wrong; the person that I really liked was Hayes he was by far my favourite but I didn't tell them that because they would just embarrass me when I talked to him or even saw him and I'm pretty sure that I can do that myself so I don't need any help from them in that area. 

We had finally reached the airport and it was getting more and more real the closer we got for all of us. After we had said our goodbyes and some tears were shed we made our way onto the plane and because Magcon set this whole thing up we got to go in first class. So yeah it was a pretty enjoyable flight. 

When we got off of the flight we went to go and collect our things and meet a driver that would take us to our hotel. " Oh my god,we're almost going to meet my future husband guys are you excited?" Ellie said as we were pulling up outside the hotel.

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