Pretty Blue Eyes:Hayes Grier Fanfiction

There was a girl there who was just a little bit shorter then I was with bright red hair and blue eyes with freckles all over her face.
" Oh hi sorry, I came to the wrong room." She said, but that was all I heard because I just got lost in her eyes, they were so pretty. Plus she had the cutest smile. "Hayes?"

(Thank you to Ashlee Renee who made my cover�� plus in this all of them that are under 16 are 16 and Nash is 17)


46. Chapter 39

Katie's POV

I walked into the living room to once again see Hayes glued to the TV on the Xbox, his fingers non-stop pressing the buttons on the controller, as annoying as he can be I still wonder how I managed to get so lucky. "Someone finally woke up, good afternoon" he said before quickly giving me a peck on the lips.

"Well I haven't really been getting much sleep lately and good afternoon to you too". I sat down next to him on the couch watching how fasting his hands moved, how his jaw clenched every time he did something wrong and how his biceps flexed because of the intensity of the game.

"Come play with me"

"Are you sure? 'cause Nash has been teaching me some new tactics"

"Come on then since you're so confident" He insisted pausing the game and getting another controller out. I sat inbetween his legs, slightly on his lap as he started the game again. I try not to let his muscular arms distracts me from the game.

By the end of game I turned round and gave Hayes a cocky grin. "Don't give me that look. How do you know I didn't let you win?"

" 'Cause I can see that pissed off look in your eye"





About an hour later Cameron came downstairs telling us that Jack and Jack were in LA for a bit and were having a party. "Do you guys wanna go?" He asked us.

"Yeah sure, It'll be fun." I said.

"They do know how to throw amazing parties."





Hollie's POV

Katie, Ellie and I were all now in mine and Cameron's room getting ready. I was putting some loose curls in my hair. We had Fall Out Boy playing loudly through my speakers. I decided to wear back high waisted skinny jeans, black ankle boot style high heels with a white bralet that showed off my boobs a bit because to be honest I was quite flat chested. Katie wore a tight playsuit with heels and Ellie wore jersey pencil skirt that finished about 2/3 between her waist and knees with a top tucked in and some VANs because she was never really a heels person.





As we pulled up at the Jack's rented house which was basically a mansion you could hear the music from a mile a way. Luckily it was in quite a private area otherwise they'd be having a lot of angry neighbours complaining. As soon as we entered the house the music became ten times louder. "Come with me to get a drink?" I shouted over the music to Cameron.

"Yeah sure" He shouted back.





Ellie's POV

Half an hour later and Nash and I were in the big crowd dancing a little bit too close for comfort to other extremely drunk people. After a while I started to feel dizzy and felt that I needed to get a drink or I would pass out. "I'm gonna go get a drink OK?" I told Nash.

"OK but come straight back" I nodded and took off towards where the drinks were. When I reached them I mixed a small bit of vodka with coke until I felt someone tap me on the back.

"Hey" A good looking boy said.

"Hi" I replied awkwardly.

"So, how do you know Jack and Jack?" He asked me.

"Um well we uh used to do a um thing called uh Magcon together and uh yeah."
"Calm down babe, there's no need to be so nervous" He told me caressing my arm.

"I have a boyfriend" I blurted out getting uncomfortable.

"Yeah. I know. Nash Grier right?" He point behind me and I turned around to see Nash standing by himself obviously waiting for me. I turned back around to face the boy that I still didn't know the name of.

"Well I better get going then" He just smiled at me creepily.

"See you soon" He told me but I was already on my way back to Nash.





After about another hour later and I started to feel a bit dizzy and the crowd we were dancing in was getting larger and more hectic by the second. My vision began to get blurry soon all I could see was blurry colours jumping up and down. "Nash" I called out stumbling all over the place. To be honest I couldn't really tell how loud my voice was when I called Nash's name because my hearing had gone all weird too. Before I knew it I couldn't hear or see anything.





I heard moving around me and slowly began to open my heavy eyes. My vision was still blurry though and I couldn't stand myself upright without falling a bit. "Hey" I heard a voice but I couldn't quite see who it was. "I know you can't see much right now, but It's the guy from the drinks."

"Oh, hey. Can you help me please?" I asked him reaching my hand out expecting him to help me up off what felt like a bed. But all I heard was a dry chuckle. "Babe you're not going anywhere. Well at least not until I'm done with you."

"Wait. What?"

"You don't have a clue do you?" He started walking closer towards me and laid down ontop of my body trapping me. "It's your fault." His hands went down to my thighs. "For wearing that tight, short skirt." They started to make their way up. "I just couldn't resist" His hands finally reached my centre.

"Please stop" I begged with tears coming from my eyes. I tried to fight back but it was no use because 1) I was a weak 16 year old girl and me was a muscly approximately 19 year old boy and 2) I had obviously been drugged which therefore made me five times more weak the usual.

"Shhhh. Just enjoy it" He stared pulling my skirt down and I'd never felt more vulnerable and violated.

"No no no no. Please!" I cried out. Quicker then a flash I saw his hand raise and hit me leaving a harsh sting on my face.

"Shut up. I tried being nice but now you're just asking for it" Before I knew it I was naked and was screaming in pain.





Nash's POV

They said I could go in to see her but I don't know whether I'm emotionally prepared to see her innocent face bruised and her delicate body hurt knowing what's happened to her. Knowing it was my fault and that I could've stopped it. So I'm here in the waiting room with Hayes and Cameron sitting either side of me. Suddenly I saw Katie come towards us. "How is she?" I quickly asked her.

"She's fine physically. Nothing wrong with her and not pregnant or anything."

"Buuut?" I questioned knowing that there was going to be a but.

"She's a bit shaken up." She replied.

"What do you mean?"

"Basically, she wont let any male touch her. She had a male doctor but she started screaming so we had to change it to a female one."

"Yeah but that's just because she doesn't know them. I'm sure she'll be fine with me." I told her.

"OK you can try" Katie said back with worry in her voice. As I made my way down the corridor I soon approached her room door. I took a deep breath and walked in. As soon as she saw me terror filled her eyes and sadness filled mine. I slowly started making my way towards her bed but she stayed still and silent. I reached out my hand to touch her but she flinched away.

"Please don't touch me" she said in the most quiet, delicate voice ever.

"You know I'd never hurt you, right?" I said trying to reassure her.

She stayed silent as a tear fell down my face.

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