Pretty Blue Eyes:Hayes Grier Fanfiction

There was a girl there who was just a little bit shorter then I was with bright red hair and blue eyes with freckles all over her face.
" Oh hi sorry, I came to the wrong room." She said, but that was all I heard because I just got lost in her eyes, they were so pretty. Plus she had the cutest smile. "Hayes?"

(Thank you to Ashlee Renee who made my cover�� plus in this all of them that are under 16 are 16 and Nash is 17)


36. Chapter 30

Just to remind you guys that Hayes, Katie, Ellie and Hollie are al 16, Nash is 17 and Cameron is 19.


It's everything about you
Everything that you do
From the way that we touch, baby
To the way that you kiss on me
It's everything about you
The way you make it feel new
Like every party is just us two
And there's nothing I could point to
It's everything about you

Katie's POV

"OK, we're here now." Hayes announced.

"OMG. It's a drive in cinema." This is literally like my dream date.

"Yup, annddd I've even got the pizza" Hayes said to me like an excited puppy as he got out the large meat feast pizza. I slowly walked over to him as I put my arms around his waist as he securely put his arms around my shoulders to shield me from the cold December air.

"Thank you" I whispered to him. I softly placed my lips against his as they moved gracefully together. "So, what are we watching anyway?"





Hollie's POV

Hayes and Katie have gone on their date and Nash and Ellie are in their room doing God knows what. So it was just me and Cameron. I was in my pyjamas which consisted of a tight, black crop top and some red and white sweatpants with snowflakes and reindeers on them. Cameron was also in his pyjamas which consisted of dark blue sweatpants and clearly visible, fitting, white boxers. He was spread out on the couch on his phone. His bare chest just drew me in and I couldn't stop looking. My eyes started trailing further down to his V line. Then even further. "Hey-"

"I wasn't looking!" I quickly snapped at him.

"Yeah...and I didn't say that you were." Cameron said to me chuckling. I go over to the couch to sit next to him with a bit of distance between us.

"Aww, come on now. I don't bite. Come here" He reassured me by pulling me into his chest. I was trying so hard right now trying not to act awkward. "So, what do you want to watch?"

"How about something Christmassy?" I suggested.

"Home Alone?"





Hayes' POV

After watch Breaking Dawn part 1 we were now in the middle of part 2, now was the time. This was it. Now or never, right? I softly took hold of Katie's chin to make her turn to face me. "OK, I know we've only been going for out for three months, but I've never felt this way about someone before. Whenever I'm around you you make me ten feel times happier and whenever I'm not around you I miss you and your perfect smile." She was looking up at with those pretty, blue eyes of hers and I just blurted it out. "Katie, I think I love you"

"I think I love you too Hayes"


Cameron's POV

She looks so beautiful and peaceful when she's sleeping, all wrapped up in my arms. So perfect. Gosh, I really like her, but I feel like I ruined what we had before by going out with Madison. Why did I have to make that mistake.

I snapped my attention to Nash coming down the stairs in his boxers and Ellie in his t-shirt and some shorts (not what you think im saving that for later). "someone just got some" I winked at Nash.

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't" Nash replied laughing.

"Nash" Ellie said in an annoyed tone, hitting his arm.

"Aww, I'm sorry babe" Nash brought Ellie into his chest from behind and started kissed her neck.

"Ugh, guys. Do you mind not doing that. Thanks."

"Someone's cranky cause they're going to be forever alone."

"Don't say that Nash. We all that they're going to get together eventually. Plus look at them, they look adorable. Sorry but this is just too cute to not take a picture of." Ellie fangirled as she got out her phone to take a picture of us.


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