Pretty Blue Eyes:Hayes Grier Fanfiction

There was a girl there who was just a little bit shorter then I was with bright red hair and blue eyes with freckles all over her face.
" Oh hi sorry, I came to the wrong room." She said, but that was all I heard because I just got lost in her eyes, they were so pretty. Plus she had the cutest smile. "Hayes?"

(Thank you to Ashlee Renee who made my cover�� plus in this all of them that are under 16 are 16 and Nash is 17)


30. Chapter 24

Hayes POV

Bang bang bang
Is the sound of my heart
Every time I look at you
And it's bang bang bang
The sound of your heart
When you're looking at me too?

And when the love truth hits
No you feel no pain
Nothing's gonna be the same
See it's a brand new thing
So no more thinking
Cupid's gonna take an aim





"Hi guys well this is in fact my first ever YouTube video so I've decided to keep it safe by doing a question and answer video with the only and only Katie Winters to help me. So we asked you to tweet us questions with the hashtag #ASKKAYES for some questions that we could answer during the video, so here goes nothing."

"OK first question 'Hayes do you enjoy having Katie and the other girls at Magcon as well'"? Katie read out then looked at me in a funny way.

"Yes I do, it's great having them here and it's nice for it to not just be all boys. Plus we've all become really good friends too" I replied putting my arm around Katie.





Katie's POV

You light me up inside

Like the 4th of July

Whenever you're around

I always seem to smile

And people ask me how

Well you're the reason why

I'm dancing in the mirror singing in the shower





I've got to admit that I didn't really like the fact that Hayes referred to us as 'friends'. Even though I did turn him down but that was like three months ago.


For the rest of the video we answered some more questions and did some little dares and then we did the cotton ball challenge on my channel. Overall it was really fun. It was nice to spend time with just us because things can get quite hectic with fourteen teenagers all together. "Was it alright? Do you think they'll like it?" He asked me all worried.

"Yeah it was great. I'm just not sure whether they're going to like me in it?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know how it is. You know like when your fans see you with another girl they get like really protective over you."

"It'll be fine. Plus we're just friends, nothing more." ouch.

"Right. Yeah. Just friends"

"Come on, we have to go meet the others in the Jack's room"

"K" was all I said as we left the room in silence.





Hayes' POV

"OK, what's wrong" I could tell that something was up.

"nothing" she replied.

"well there's obviously something wrong. What is it?"

"I said nothing OK. Just drop it" Girls. What are you going to do.


"You first" I said letting her go first into the elevator.

"Thanks" she said quietly. I couldn't just drop it.

"Just tell me for Gods sake!" I snapped turning around to face her once we were inside the elevator.

"I said nothing, just leave me alone" she said trying to stay calm.

"Why are all of a sudden in a mood with me! You were fine ten minutes a ago"

"Stop shouting at me!" she screamed back. I let out a loud sigh. Suddenly we heard a loud bang and the elevator jolted to an abrupt stop.

"We're not moving" I stated.

"Really" she said sarcastically. "Why aren't we moving?"

"Well I don't know do I?" I walked over to the door and tried to pry them open. When there was some space between them I looked through the gap and all i could see was a load of metal and ropes and stuff. "Shit!" I shouted whilst punch the wall. "We're stuck between two floors."





Katie's POV

"NO NO NO NO! We can't be stuck!" I was now pacing round in circles pulling at my hair from the roots.

"Why what's wrong?" Hayes asked me with pure concern in his voice.

"I really don't do small spaces" I was now hyperventilating. "God NO!" I was now punching and kicking the doors. "HELP. HELP. Please help" I said the last bit really weakly because I had no more energy left due to all of the screaming, punching and kicking. I then turned round to face Hayes. "I can't breath" I wheezed out. I was now crying. Hayes ran over to me and wrapped me in his arms.

"It's fine. You're going to be fine." He reassured me.


"Promise. Just focus on your breathing, OK?"

"OK" I said breathlessly but starting to get my breathing back on track. We slid down against the back wall to the floor with my head on Hayes' shoulder and his arm still around me.


10 minutes later

Hayes called Nash and we should be out in like twenty minutes. Hayes and I were sitting in the same position as before on the floor, my head on his shoulder, his arm around me but this time I was playing with his fingers. A smile appeared on my face as how big his hand were compared to mine and that how fit perfectly together as if they were made for each other. "You still want to know why I was upset?" I asked him breaking the comfortable silence, intertwining our fingers. 

"Yeah" He softly said.

"I guess... I-I was just annoyed at myself for turning you down before because to be honest I really like you but now you see me as just your friend"

"So what you're saying is that you like me in more than just a friend way?" He asked me with us both looking into each others bright blue eyes. I nodded my head slightly. "Well then, Katie Grace Winters. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"Yes. I will Benjamin Hayes Grier."





YAY FINALLY. I really hope that you liked that chapter cause it took me ages cause idk what to write i was actually gonna wait longer to get them together but then i couldn't wait longer and now i can focus more on hollie and cam so that i can move the story along more cause ive got a lot of ideas to come. PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ COMMENT WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF THAT CHAPTER. Also FOLLOW MY FAN ACCOUNT ON INSTA DREAMING_BOUT_DALLAS cause I really want to get to 800 by the end of the week and im on 725.

That time im gonna recomend A LOSS FOR WORDS by PeytonLayne1D. It only has 359 views and 12 likes but i think that it deserves way more than that. It's a Niall Horan one but you dont really have to be a 1d fan to read it. It's rated yellow but it's not that bad so go and read it. Thanx.


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