Pretty Blue Eyes:Hayes Grier Fanfiction

There was a girl there who was just a little bit shorter then I was with bright red hair and blue eyes with freckles all over her face.
" Oh hi sorry, I came to the wrong room." She said, but that was all I heard because I just got lost in her eyes, they were so pretty. Plus she had the cutest smile. "Hayes?"

(Thank you to Ashlee Renee who made my cover�� plus in this all of them that are under 16 are 16 and Nash is 17)


28. Chapter 22

Hayes' POV

Cause I got high hopes

High hopes, high hopes

For me and you

And when we grow old

I'll say I told you so

Cause I got high hopes

I can move in with you

And we could get married too

Go on our honeymoon

Maybe we should finish this coffee first

It might sound a little weird

It's like I've known you for years

So every word you hear

Might just sound a little over-rehearsed





One week later

Today we were going to Michigan so that meant another day of traveling. Fortunately though this flight was only about two hours long, unfortunately I wasn't sitting next to Katie this time. We sat in rows of three so Katie sat with Hollie and Ellie and I sat with Carter and Matt. But what I found really cute was the fact that she wore my hoody again she said and I quote "it's my traveling hoody". So now every time we go on a long journey she will always wear it. And no... we're still not going out but as time goes on, day by day we're getting so much closer. I'd like to think that we're now best friends even though I wanted to be so much more.


With that though there were always going to be consequences. As Katie and I got closer the fans were getting more unhappy. Some of them didn't really like when they saw us together, talking, hugging or posting a picture on social media together but worst was her wearing my clothes especially my hoody. Even though the majority of them did 'ship' us she still was getting a handful of hate daily. But I suppose the good thing was that because she was already big on YouTube she was kind of used to it and didn't let it get to her, also because of Magcon HEKtv were now on 3 million subscribers. But to me that makes it ten times worse. A sixteen year old girl should not be used to people telling her that she is 'an ugly bitch that should go and kill herself' and much much worse things.







Katie's POV

I don't even like you,

Why'd you want to go and make me feel this way?

And I don't understand what's happened,

I keep saying things I never say.

I can feel you watching even when you're nowhere to be seen,

I can feel you touching even when you're far away from me.

Tell me where you're hiding your voodoo doll 'cause I can't control myself,

I don't wanna stay, wanna run away but I'm trapped under your spell.

And it hurts in my head and my heart and my chest,

And I'm having trouble catching my breath.

Won't you please stop loving me to death?





"For Gods sake can you just please admit that you like him!?" Hollie whined.

"Cause I don't!" I shouted back.

"yes you do!"

"No I don't!"

"Yes. You. Do!" They both shouted back at me at the same time.

"No. I. Don't!" I shouted louder and that for sure shut them up.

"What ever, we're going to go to Nash, Hayes and Cam's room meet us there when you're done" Ellie said to me starting to open the door.


"You like him!" she shouted quickly then shut the hotel room door just before I had any time to reply. I stomped into the bathroom in annoyance because the girls wont just drop the whole Hayes subject. Since Madison Beer came she seemed to be getting closer with Hayes and Cameron but not with Nash because when Hollie told us what Madison had been like in the past Ellie, I'm not to sure exactly what she said but basically, said to her that if she went anywhere near Nash then she would really regret it. I had to try my hardest to not show how much the fact that she was obviously flirting with Hayes  pissed me off. The bad thing was that none of the boys knew what Madison was really like because Hollie didn't want to tell them cause she didn't want any of them treat her or Madison any different.  What annoyed me the most was the fact that Hayes seemed to like her but I'm like I was here first bitch get in line.


When I got into the shower I tried to wash all of my feelings towards Hayes out of my system. TRIED. When I got out I put my hair in two French braids down the sides of my head and put on some sweats and a black tank top but I really couldn't be bothered to put on any makeup so just went bare faced.





In Nash, Hayes and Cam's room

We were all sitting down in their room eating pizza from room service, watching She's The Man (Channing Tatum tho😻) and already after like three hours of being here their hotel room was trashed. I was sitting on Hayes bed talking to Hayes, Jack J and Jack G with my back to the door when suddenly their faces stopped looking at me but instead looked up and behind me at the door. So naturally I turned around, and what do I see? Madison standing there in some booty shorts and a crop top. When they said come in comfortable clothes/pyjamas I don't think that anyone was expecting that. "Hey guys" she said overly preppy striding into the room and sitting way too close to... Cameron?





Hollie's POV

The story starts when it was hot and it was summer and...
I had it all,

I had him right there where I wanted him

She came along, got him alone and let's hear the applause

She took him faster than you could say "sabotage"

I never saw it coming, wouldn't have suspected it

I underestimated just who I was dealing with

She had to know the pain was beating on me like a drum

She underestimated just who she was stealing from


Between the time Madison had come and when everyone went to their own rooms she had ran her hand up and down Cameron's arm and leg, hugged him for a bit too long and whispered something in his ear and judging by his face afterwards it was something dirty. "Cam?"


"can you walk me to my room please?" Madison said to him batting her fake eyelashes.

"corse" he replied back to her then they both got up and left to go to her room that she had all to herself because she has 'special needs'. We all know it's just because she's related to the manager.

She's not a saint

And she's not what you think

She's an actress, whoa

She's better known

For the things that she does

On the mattress, whoa





Cameron's POV

Wasn't looking for trouble,

but it came looking for me

I tried to say no but I can't fight it she was looking lovely


I don't know why I was thinking these things about Madison when I like Hollie. Like I really like Hollie. As we were approaching her room she took hold of my hand right outside the door and stared up at me right into my eyes. Her eyes were stunning. Wait. What the hell am I doing?. I don't like Madison. I don't like Madison. I DO NOT LIKE MADISON. But none of that stopped me doing what happened next.


I pulled back from her lips and stared at her. My face had pure and utter shock written across it but hers... hers was another story. She stood there with a huge grin on her face then threw herself onto me whispering "I can't believe that I'm going out with Cameron Dallas" in my ear. She then quickly kissed my cheek and rushed into her room shutting the door in my face as I just stood there... frozen. What the hell just happened?!


Looking for a girl that was here but now she's gone,

Felt so good even though she didn't move on,

She knows what I want but she's bad for me,

She gets what she wants when she's touching me,

I shoulda known better but she took my self control,




Madison's POV


As much as Hollie tried to hide it it was obvious that she liked Cameron, so I just did to her what she did to her.


Soon she's gonna find

Stealing other people's toys

On the playground won't

Make you many friends

She should keep in mind

She should keep in mind

There is nothing I do better than revenge




Hey, haven't written in ages so to make up for it I've written a really long chapter another reason I wrote such a long chapter was to celebrate the fact that I've got 1015 READS!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOOOO MUCH!!

Don't worry I know ive been dragging it on a bit but something will happen between Hayes and Katie soon.

As you have seen I've started to add songs into the story because I think it gives it a nice effect and I think that songs can express a lot of emotions so you get to know what the characters are actually feeling and if you want to know where the songs are from then you can just leave it in the comments and i'll get back to you as soon as I can.



This time im gonna recommend MR MALIK+16. This book has got 6k reads and is written by HazzazTeddyBear. It's a red so yeah it's for older people. She's on the third book now and I really like this series of books because it's got romance, action and it's got some funny bits too. It will take approximately 2.5 hours to read.

Make sure you keep on liking, commenting and obviously reading and you can also favourite it so you can get notified when I next update so make sure that you do that. Thanx.


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