Pretty Blue Eyes:Hayes Grier Fanfiction

There was a girl there who was just a little bit shorter then I was with bright red hair and blue eyes with freckles all over her face.
" Oh hi sorry, I came to the wrong room." She said, but that was all I heard because I just got lost in her eyes, they were so pretty. Plus she had the cutest smile. "Hayes?"

(Thank you to Ashlee Renee who made my cover�� plus in this all of them that are under 16 are 16 and Nash is 17)


22. Chapter 18

Katie's POV

"Hey" I said to Hollie and Ellie as I came out of the bathroom in one of our tops that had all of our silhouettes and HEKtv written in black with a bright red background that I cut out to make it a tank top with the arm holes down to my waist and a black tight crop top underneath with some shorts and palm tree printed VANs. "Where did you two go?"

"We went out for breakfast" Hollie said to me.

"and you didn't invite me?" I whined.

"Well we didn't want to wake you up since you looked so cosy cuddled up next to Hayes" Ellie replied.

"haha shut up" I bluntly said to her.

"what you two look so good together"

"yeah just go out already would you? They both complained.

"come on lets go" I said avoiding the conversation. Ellie and Hollie were also wearing our merch bur Ellie wore a light blue one with a skirt and Hollie was wearing a black one with white silhouettes and our name written in white with some black ripped jeans.





At Magcon Jack and Jack performed their songs and Shawn the Cameron Dallas song and two more. When they had done that we played truth or dare with the audience with Me, Ellie and Hollie being the hosts.





After that we all jumped into our limo and headed to the San diego fair (you can google it to see what it looks like). It looked amazing there were lights everywhere there was a ferris wheel with lights all over it in the middle. "Hey" Hayes said coming up to me.

"Hey, this is all so cool" I said back.

"yeah, I know right"

"lets go over there!" I shouted at him grabbing his hand and running over to a games stall with popcorn and candyfloss.


Hi guys I would just like to say sorry in advance because I am going on holiday until the 12th so I wont be updating for a very long time. I would also like to say sorry that it's so short it's been a hectic day with last minute packing and things so I've got a headache and this was the best I could do so again sorry. Please keep on reading and liking and all that stuff.

I'm gonna start doing suggested movellas cause there are so many movellas on here that it's hard to find really good ones so I'm gonna suggest some to you that I personally think are really good.

This one is called THE SLEEPIN ARRANGEMENT . It's really good and even though it sounds dirty it really isn't compared to some things on here but it is a yellow so yeah. You can click on my account type thing and go on my favs if you're having trouble finding it, want to know what it's about or just want to see what else I like to read. But yeah for now goodbye. Thanx.


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