Love, Hiding & Lies

(This is told from the view of Justin Bieber) I'm single, I'm free, nothing can touch me. I'm on tour traveling and seeing all my fans, until one sticks out. Jess. She flipped my world. Everything she did was right or for a good cause. My fans and the world however didn't see her that way, and that's what tore us apart. Now I'm here, at an exclusive interview to set the record straight, to prove that Jess is not what everybody thought she was. But with this story comes heart break, lying, hiding, and loss. Trying to make it through this story will be the death of me, but I love my beliebers, and you know I will never hide the truth from you. So here is my story about Jess and I.


7. Chapter 7- Tour for Sure?

   I locked eyes with her, her body tensed, I placed my right hand on her cheek, looking at her lips I liked mine, I pulled my eyes back up to hers, I slowly caressed her cheek. Her cheeks turned red as she tried to hide her face with her hair. I took my other hand and placed it under her chin slowly pulling her head up, she finally locked eyes with me. "Justin." I ignored her and placed my lips right under her jaw line, she let out a little quiet moan. I started kissing down to her collar bone and back up to the other collar bone, "Justinn.." this time it was harder for her to say my name seriously. I let my hands find her hips, I picked her up, she instantly wrapped her legs around my waist, I placed her sitting on the kitchen counter, her legs still locked around me she placed her hands on my chest pushing away. I put my hands on either side of her thighs and looked out the window, not at her face, I felt I pushed to far. "I'm sorry." I said quietly, I placed my forehead on her shoulder, I heard her giggle lightly, "for what?" I picked my head up, I felt my eyebrows squeeze, "did I- wait then why did you- I'm confused.." I couldn't help but laugh now, she trying to hide her smile with her hands, but I could see right through. "We need to talk about something.." my smiled wiped away, I put on my serious face for her, her face dropped seconds after mine, although her face seemed to have confusion with it. I put my hands in my back pockets and stepped back from her, "that sounds very serious..." she started walking closer, "no no no! I didn't want it to sound serious at all! that's not-" I started laughing, she bought the whole thing, that I was actually mad, "are you laughing at me Justin Drew?" she covered her mouth and started giggling, "are using middle names now? 'cus that's not fair, I don't know yours." she sat down on the couch and tapped the open spot next to her, indicating she wanted me to sit there, "It's Marchelle, like Michelle but you say march in the beginning, my mom was going through a unique phase I guess...that's what she says." "No, I think it's a great name Jess Marchelle, now what did you want to discuss" 

    She took a deep breathe and started rubbing her thumbs together. She pushed her hair behind her ear then looked up at me, "I have a confession. Let me explain everything before you judge ok.?" I felt shocked, "You think I would judge you?" her eyes dropped, "You never know, this world is filled with judgement now-a-days, and that's it, that's all we do." I put my hand on her thigh, "Trust me, I will never judge. Ever." She put her hand over mine, "Thank you Justin. I cut. I know it's not healthy, and until today I was five days clean. I started when my sister-" her voice started to break, I hugged her and stroked her head, comforting, that's all I could do. "that's when the bad habits began, cuts, starving, the whole kit and caboodle. I tried to stop, I honestly did. But when I saw the picture, I loved seeing us happy, and I am right now I promise, but the comments, they kind of hurt." I pulled her back away from my chest to look her in the eyes. I put my hands on her shoulders, "I don't think you can be a secret, I don't WANT you to be a secret. Someone like you deserves to be seen, to be known. There needs to be more people like you in the world, flaws and all, you are a great example." She pulled off the bandage and began sobbing, "How Justin can this be a positive example? Kids don't need to see this. This isn't normal." she was pointing to her arm every time, her fist getting tighter and tighter. I grabbed her hand and covered the cuts with my other hand, "Jess, you will over come this, I promise, and that is how you are a positive example. You are strong, happy, loving, and beautiful. You are perfect. No matter what those comments said. I want to show the world you are mine, I will take the consequences for you." She placed her hand back over mine, "I need to call my mom." She stepped off the bus for about five minutes. I scrolled through the comments,

"Whore...get the fuck away from my husband."

"Da fuq is she ?? Skank."

"Guys stop if Justin is happy I'm happy, she's pretty and they look happy."


"Ugly ass whore"


   I don't understand why my fans would say this? I thought they supported me. 'New tweet' 


"I love you all, please know I always support you, hope it's the same." TWEET.


    Jess came back onto the bus with the phone still in her hand, "It's on speaker Justin, my mom wanted to speak with you." I took a deep breathe, oh shit what did I get into...

"Hello ma'am."

"Hello Mr. Beiber, I wanted to let you hear my opinion from me, personally. I don't mind if Jess stays with you, I don't mind if she gets exposed to But I already lost," her voice broke up,

"I understand ma'am"

"No Justin you don't, you haven't lost a child. Just take care of my baby. She will visit me at least once a month. I don't care if you are on the other side of the world, I want to see my baby. Do you understand me?"

"Yes ma'am."

"And lastly Mr. Beiber..."

"Yes ma'am."

"Take care of her, she is in a delicate phase, still recovering, please don't let her get hurt. I love her."

    I looked at Jess, she was white as a sheet, she was probably scared I would tell her mom about what happened early today. I gave Jess a comforting smile and returned my attention to her mother.

"Yes ma'am, I can do that for you."

"Thank you sir."


   And with that Jess was now a new member of our tour. This tour was going to be a lot more fun.








hope you like the update! (: 




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