Love, Hiding & Lies

(This is told from the view of Justin Bieber) I'm single, I'm free, nothing can touch me. I'm on tour traveling and seeing all my fans, until one sticks out. Jess. She flipped my world. Everything she did was right or for a good cause. My fans and the world however didn't see her that way, and that's what tore us apart. Now I'm here, at an exclusive interview to set the record straight, to prove that Jess is not what everybody thought she was. But with this story comes heart break, lying, hiding, and loss. Trying to make it through this story will be the death of me, but I love my beliebers, and you know I will never hide the truth from you. So here is my story about Jess and I.


17. Chapter 16 - the final chapter in her life (and book :P)

  I looked straight into the camera and took a deep breathe,

  "Sorry beliebers. I didn't mean to open my mouth and say cruel words. I am supposed to be a positive example in your life. I am supposed to show you all the amazing things you can do with your life. Then again, I am in a big position, so I can also show what not to do." I rubbed my temple and took a deep breathe to clear my thoughts, I looked back up. "I'm not saying I am going to be a negative Nancy now. " I smiled big, "No offense if your name is Nancy." I did my classic winked and a slight chuckle to lighten the mood. 

    "But I feel it is very hard sometimes to control my emotions with so much of them inside of me. I am human and I make mistakes. It is no ones fault for Jess' passing. " I could feel the tears building up just saying her name. My stomach started turning into knots, over and over again. The knots only getting bigger until they reached my throat which felt like sandpaper rubbing together.

   "She will forever and always be my one less lonely girl. She is now in a better place with her sister. She was a special person that put other people first and hope everyone can learn from that. She was an amazing person that changed my life for the good. She was my first love. And I actually wrote a song for her and was going to show her at the next concert until I found her..." I got up and grabbed my guitar wiping away the lonely tear falling down my face. "Hopefully she's watching from heaven which she is now with her sister, how it should have been when I met her."


   I sat down on the stool, I set the guitar on my knee and licked my lips. I strummed to make sure it was in tune. I picked up my head and looked up to heaven, "This one is for you. No matter how far, or close, it will always, ALWAYS, be you."

   I played the chorus, guitar only then began singing...

"Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky

I need you to shine in my life
Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time
Better believe it

Oh oh, whenever you're not in my presence
It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah
So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night
'Til you're back again, oh yeah, yeah..."


"That is called All That Matters To Me. I love you. Thank you everyone." I felt bricks come off my shoulders, Jess' legacy will live on forever. She will be with me forever, and I can't wait to see her in heaven.





so this is the final chapter

hope you guys liked this book

sorry it got kinda boring






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