Love, Hiding & Lies

(This is told from the view of Justin Bieber) I'm single, I'm free, nothing can touch me. I'm on tour traveling and seeing all my fans, until one sticks out. Jess. She flipped my world. Everything she did was right or for a good cause. My fans and the world however didn't see her that way, and that's what tore us apart. Now I'm here, at an exclusive interview to set the record straight, to prove that Jess is not what everybody thought she was. But with this story comes heart break, lying, hiding, and loss. Trying to make it through this story will be the death of me, but I love my beliebers, and you know I will never hide the truth from you. So here is my story about Jess and I.


13. Chapter 13- Not What You Expected

   "Justin is this next part kid approved? Remember we are live, and your fans are young."

I nodded, "Sorry, it's just complicated you know? I mean, no matter what relationship you have, whether you are famous or not, there will always be someone who doesn't approve or who isn't happy. And I'm not blaming my fans at all. Don't get me wrong, but I think she had all this pressure that things were going great but they slowly started to crumble."

  "Meaning?" I could the interveiwer wanted more, but the story was about to get deep.

"Are you sure? It's gonna get deep." All she did was nod. "Everything escalded. We went public so quickly I think it put a target on our backs. The more we tried to hide the more the public wanted us. So we went out more. We showed our faces, since that's what everyone wanted. No matter what we still remained the same, ya know? Jess stayed humble and beautiful and I stayed the same. Nothing changed. Yes I spoiled Jess, that's how I am. When I love, I love one-hundred percent. So yes I would buy her nice things, I would take her to nice places, we would do nice things. I felt like we were soon turning into the power couple, it was us against the world. I don't think people thought it would last. About six months into the relationship certain pages went up that literally tore Jess apart." I felt my eyes beginning to burn again, my eyebrows began to push together. "Certain pages that no one should have, hate pages. I will not name these pages, but we nicely decided to ask the owners to delete them, but instead they got more attention so in result more hate spread." I felt the hole in my stomach, the pit. The tears began to fall. "If there was anything that could prevent Jess' actions it would probably be the hate pages. Those are what drove her to the conclusion."

"We are going to cut to a comerci-

"No please let me finish."

"Umm, ok, please go ahead. I thought you would want a break Justin."

"Thank you, but it's ok." I took a deep breathe trying to calm my breathing, stop the tears. 

"There was one night were it was bad. Jess cut, but I thought it stopped. I knew she was frustrated, I knew she would skip meals at times, but I thought everything was getting better. And here's were I blame myself, were I couldn't tell there was something wrong with my own girlfriend. I went into the bus after a show. Jess told Kenny that she was going to lay down, she felt tired. I went into the bus and I didn't see her." my breathing feeling filtered, I couldn't get air in, everything went into a blur. "The bedroom door was locked. I remember calling her to unlock it but there was no answer. She wasn't answering." the salty tears were pouring from my eyes now. I couldn't control it, but the memory was flooding out of my mouth, I wasn't looking at anybody, I just continued to speak.

   "I took my shoulder and busted the door down. I had the pit back, I had a bad feeling so I put everything into knocking that door down. The white sheets weren't white, and she was on the floor. The sheets were red, there were blades on the bed. I remember picking her up and lying her on the bed, her arm and leg were gushing blood, she was as white as a ghost. That was the hardest I ever cried. I picked her back up again and carried her out of the bus. I was supposed to have a meet and greet that night. This was in Dallas. We called 911 and she was rushed to the emergency room. That night I was scared I lost her for good. I stayed by her side the whole night and next day until she finally opened her eyes. It took 21 stitches in her arm and 15 in her leg to fix the cuts. It was the scariest thing in my entire life, no doubt, but I had to be her rock, I had to be solid. Paps were outside everyday until we left, hoping to get a picture of the reason why she was at the hospital. As you remember there were articals about her being pregnant, or over dose. We never revealed the reason because only more hate would be spread. While in the hospital I went on Jess' phone and blocked all the hate pages, deleted all the rude comments, everything. She didn't need this. What did she do wrong? Nothing. She was targeted because of me. Her mom was luckily easily to convince, she allowed Jess to stay with me knowing I didn't cause this. But before any of us knew how bad Jess was affected, we didn't know this was just the beginning."




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