Love, Hiding & Lies

(This is told from the view of Justin Bieber) I'm single, I'm free, nothing can touch me. I'm on tour traveling and seeing all my fans, until one sticks out. Jess. She flipped my world. Everything she did was right or for a good cause. My fans and the world however didn't see her that way, and that's what tore us apart. Now I'm here, at an exclusive interview to set the record straight, to prove that Jess is not what everybody thought she was. But with this story comes heart break, lying, hiding, and loss. Trying to make it through this story will be the death of me, but I love my beliebers, and you know I will never hide the truth from you. So here is my story about Jess and I.


10. Chapter 10- Anything You Want

    We got to the mall and Jess gripped my forearm tighter. I guess the word got out that we were planning on hitting the mall up. Girls began hitting the windows, every single one. It sounded like we were in a hail storm.  Our driver began honking his horn and yelling. Jess' grip only got tighter and tighter.

   "Jess.." I softly stroked her hands.

   "Sorry." she looked up at me not even knowing what she was doing. Inch by inch we slowly made our way to the back of the mall.

   "Sorry that was so crazy Jess." I looked at her, she was as white as a ghost. I pulled a box from under my seat and opened it.

   "What are you doing?" she inched closer.

   "Here." I smiled, I handed her a blonde wig and pink sweater. I put on a bald cap and glasses. She gave me the craziest look, like I was crazy. "It's worth a shot." I smiled, it was contagious, she smiled back. We put on our wigs and made our way into the mall.

   Jess and I were walking, I softly kept running into her hand, every time she looked and smiled at me. I finally grabbed, what the hell right? Take a chance, huge leap. She didn't refuse, she didn't pull her hand out, we just kept walking hand in hand.

   "Ahh!" I freaked out. "What's the matter Jess you ok?!?" she started pointing. "Can we go into that store please?" I began laughing and pulled her in for a hug, "Anywhere you want shawty." I breathed in the smell of her hair and we walked into Abercrombie.

    She was walking to every rack showing me clothes then putting them back after she saw the tag. I walked up and put my hands on her hips, "What are you doing? Do you like that top?" she stopped shuffling the clothes and turned around to look me in the eyes. She wrapped her hands around my neck, "Yes but it's too expensive." I took a deep breathe like she was frustrating me. "Well, trust me I am pretty sure I can afford it." I gave her a flirty  grin, "How about this," she looked at me very interested, "Pick any clothes you want, honestly, ANYTHING." her frown slowly turned into a smile from ear to ear. She began jumping, "Here's the catch." she instantly stopped, "You have to show me every outfit before we buy it. She smiled, stuck her hand out and shook mine, "Deal." Then she went around grabbing almost every piece of clothing in the store.






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