Love, Hiding & Lies

(This is told from the view of Justin Bieber) I'm single, I'm free, nothing can touch me. I'm on tour traveling and seeing all my fans, until one sticks out. Jess. She flipped my world. Everything she did was right or for a good cause. My fans and the world however didn't see her that way, and that's what tore us apart. Now I'm here, at an exclusive interview to set the record straight, to prove that Jess is not what everybody thought she was. But with this story comes heart break, lying, hiding, and loss. Trying to make it through this story will be the death of me, but I love my beliebers, and you know I will never hide the truth from you. So here is my story about Jess and I.


1. Chapter 1- Jess

  "So Justin, please tell us, what really happened back in 2012 with Jess? And what happened with her that made you stop making music?" I felt my eyes start to sting, my throat began to close, and I could feel the walls getting closer and closer. I took a deep breathe and tilted my chin to the ceiling, I closed my eyes and felt them roll back. I came back and turned my attention back to the interviewer, "You want to know what happened between me and Jess?" I asked confirming, but really giving myself more time to relax my emotions stirring on the inside. The interviewer nodded her head and leaned in, ready to get the information she wanted from me. The truth was about to come out.

   I took a deep breathe, "Jess was a beautiful girl. She made the best of me come out. Jess helped me when no one else was there, she took my shit when I dished it but never ran away. She always pulled me back to reality, she was family, she was mine, but now she's gone. I lost her." My chin started to tremble, I felt my eyebrows squeeze together as I tried to fight the tears. I put my head in my hands and put y head in my lap trying to hide the tears. I could hear Jess' voice in my head but all I wanted was her, I wanted her back by my side. 

   "Well be right back with this exclusive interview from Justin Bieber after these few commercials." I felt the interviewer place her hand on my back and begin circular motions, "Justin, if you can't handle this you don't have to, you know this right?" I took a deep breathe, shaky breathe and pulled my head back up, "No, I need to do this. I need to the truth out. What the world knows Jess as isn't true and I need to fix that." She got up and went back to her seat, the producer counted down from 5, and we were live again. "So Justin you were telling us about Jess." she gave me a hopeful look, the pit in my stomach grew, I couldn't do this, but I really needed to, Jess' remembrance must be changed, "Everyone knows her as a negative person. People believed she destroyed me, and that it was her fault that I stopped making music after she left. But the truth is, she is the one that kept me making music in the first place. Without her I would have stopped making music a long time ago. Jess was the one who kept me strong, and it was 1 in a million that I happened to meet her and I am so glad i did."




  The pressure was building, it was another concert in another city. I got ready to go out, when a pit in my stomach grew, I never got nervous. Nerves never got to me, neither did fear, I was Justin fucking Bieber, I owned this stage. All these people were out there for me.

   During the show the pit never left, after the show the pit didn't leave, during the meet and greet it didn't leave. "Justin there's about five more left for the M&G" "Thanks Kenny." he looked back at me confused, "You good man." I combed my fingers through my hair, "I don't know bro, I gotta pit in my stomach...whatever, send the next person." Kenny walked away, and in came a beautiful girl. Long flowy brown hair flowing down her back, she wore a black maxi skirt and a I <3 Justin Bieber shirt. I looked at her up and down then met her eyes, "Nice shirt" she looked down at it, then back in my eyes, "Thanks, it was my sister's, I came here for her." she looked back down, "Here, come here." I gave her a hug and felt my shirt get wet. "Are you crying?" she nodded in my shoulder, "sit down right here and I'll see you after the meet and greets okay? I have about four left..." She nodded holding her face in her hands. The last meet and greet photos I took were just smiling, I didn't really care I just wanted to go see this girl. 

   I walked over to her, I handed her a water and sat on the ground in front of her. "Okay so tell me..." I took a sip of my water and handed her the bottle I got for her. She took a deep breathe, and squeezed her eyebrows together, "My sister was a big fan of yours. She is actually my twin." She placed her hand over her mouth, "Take your time..." she nodded then removed her hand, "She died three months ago in a car crash, so I came here for her." And with that she broke down again. I instantly jumped up and took her into my arms. "Oh my god, that's terrible." I held her and kept her in my arms, I felt like I was protecting her. "It will be okay, I promise." She looked up at me, "My name is Jessica, call me Jess....what's your name?" She smiled real big and sniffled, I stood up straight playing along, "Oh right, I'm Justin. But you can call me J." I extended my hand out and shook hers, the pit in my stomach was gone.

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