Nothing like us


11. XOs

 * Rasha's POV *
After an hour of waiting Wadhah came up , I hugged him and he hugged me back but he was so cold and showed no emotions . 
I know how to make him like me , or even love me but first I have to get Sarah out of my way .

*Sarah's POV*
Nesrine and I were making our steps out of the mall when suddenly I turned my head to find Wadhah and Rasha kissing , all the happiness I've felt , all the good times and giggles just disappeared . 
Me : I bet they're doing it to make me jealous , to make me feel small and not good enough .
Nesrine : let's go ! Don't even look at them , she fits him more than you do . They're both alike , you deserve much better than that
Me : please let's go home 

*wadhah's POV*
I was siting there with Rasha talking about movies when suddenly she banned all over me and kissed me on the lips . I pushed her away and stood up to find Sarah and Nesrine looking at me disappointedly . I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders , I wanted to go and hug Sarah who looked so pretty but my dignity, my pride and especially Rasha didn't allow me to.
I run to her but she ignored me , got in the taxi and took off .

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