Nothing like us


15. who knows ?


*Nesrine's POV*

It was about 4:30 
-I'm so late I should probably go to Sara's orelse she'll kill me .. I feel sorry for her  it must be hard losing someone that is close to you .. Dirar seems like a great guy from what I've read in Sara's diary but at at the same time I'm so jealous of how strong she is .. Despite everything she's been through, she didn't give up 

*Sara's POV*
Nesrine came over to my house .. This is the first time I feel pretty good and ready to go for a walk and have some fun. I should stop caring about everything and everyone that'll cause me pain, life is good right ?

Sarah and Nesrine went on a walk around the block. They kept walking and walking until they started hearing some music coming from a house near by. 
S : are you hearing what I'm hearing ?
N : you mean this loud beautiful music ?
S : duuuh
N : I think that there is a party or something 
S : come on let's crash it and have some fun 
N : can't believe you want to have fun, no way !! *laughing*
S : so what ? Told you I just want to have fun and forget about all the bullshit
N : that's my girl, come on 

*Sara's POV*
There were people from almost our age all around the house, the door was opened so we got in .. Most of the girls in there are from our school wow .. Nesrine's friend was there too, she's a wellknown party animal. 
Nesrine called her and asked her about this party so she said "it's Wadhah's .. He invited everyone by Facebook he's turning 18 today .. Best party ever waaaaaw !!!"

S: damn that girl is such a screamer
N: haha I know right .. Are you annoyed that it's wadhah's party ?
S: no I'm okey .. So what ? He doesn't like me, it's not the end of the world
N: right , come on let's dance 

Nesrine dragged me behind her to the dance floor, which is of course the living room. Apparently wadhah's mom went to France orelse she'd never allow him to do such thing.
I went upstairs for a while to look for the bathroom when suddenly a door by me opened. It's Wadhah oh god !!

Wadhah : what are you doing in here waw ?
Sara : crashing your party *raising shoulders*
Wadhah : thought you came looking for me to apologize 
Sara : apologize for what ? You should be the one who apologizes . You're such a brag.
Wadhah : you're right I'm sorry
Sara : keep your apology for yourself 
Sara left him there and started to walk as if she was running from him but he followed her, held her hand and dragged her back to the room he came out of .. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her lips patiently then gave her a huge hug. She couldn't resist his charm so she kissed him back then he pushed her to the band and banned over her then kept playing with her hair so she pushed him away 
Wadhah : what ?
Sara : sorry I can't 
Wadhah : it's my mistake I got so carried away I just wanted to show you how my I love you 
Sara : can't believe that you finally said it OMG 
Wadhah : neither can I. You know I've never been in love before .. I've been on a hundred of dates but I've never felt this way before .. I've known you for three months and I feel like I've known you since forever 
Sara : and rasha ? You know I saw you kissing the other day .. You wouldn't do that if you loved me for real
Wadhah : I swear to god she jumped on me, litterly then kissed my lips .. I didn't want you to see that .. Since the first day I saw you I've known that you're the one for me 
Sara : why were you with her anyway ?
Wadhah : when I saw you on the last day of school last week , I thought that you moved on .. You didn't want to talk to me and you ignored me .. Thought that maybe you were about to get a new boyfriend , someone as great as you are and not someone who goes our with a new girl every week . you are different and I'm an ass.

*Wadhah's POV*
Sara started laughing so loudly, she looks do sexy in her little black dress and red little converse which was pretty tempting .. I kissed her lips again and the night went on. 

Sara and I went down stairs abou 30 minutes later we were holding hands and everyone was staring at us, Sara had to go home with Nesrine and I went to talk to my best friends about what happened. 

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