Nothing like us


14. secrets

 {Nesrine's pov}
-how are you feeling now ?
-much better 
-do you have any plans this evening ?
-plans ? Me ? You made me laugh and I really don't feel like it
-okey okey change your clothes , get some rest or do whatever you want to do I'll come back later about 5pm and we'll go for a walk , don't you miss peace and quiet ?
-I do but I thought you were staying for longer
-something important came up and I really have to

{Sarah's pov}
Nesrine made me feel much better , this girl has magic in her words .. She has the ability to make me smile so fast . I wore my comfy sweatpants then opened the window and putted on my favorite album ... I laid there listening Justin's voice back in 2011 , this is a proof that time flies for real and that life is too short to waste on meaningless things .
I went downstairs where my mom was , I could easily see how surprised she was , I gave her a hug , prepared my cereals and went to watch tv .

{Nesrine's pov}
I ran out of Sarah's towards my house , I got into my room and continued reading , hopefully Sarah won't notic her missing diaries

[... I accepted Dirar's suggestion and we started walking , he was so nice and good looking , we were walking in dark places , crossing a street after another but he didn't even try to touch me . We kept talking about school and stuff then he looked at me and said 
"-you know I've always had a crush on you , I used to see you walking to school everyday 
- oh really ?
- yes , you seemed like an amazing girl
- seemed ha ? As if I'm not anymore ?
- yeah because in the past you seemed like an amazing girl , now I'm sure you are , my cousin goes to your school , her name is Malek I'm sure you know her
- oh she's actually my classmate and one of my good friends
- she told me about your father being in jail and how you started working in the mall to provide your family with everything 
- I'm trying my best "
A few minutes later I got to my house , I thanked him and gave him his jacket back
I got into my room , opened my laptop and put on some music , I changed my clothes them checked m Facebook to see a friend request from Dirar , we kept talking for hours , days went by and we got closer and closer , we talked on the phone , we skyped and we went on romantic dates .. He started picking me up everyday after work and taking me home , I got my first kiss and everything was perfect .
Until someday , getting out of the mall I saw a crowd of people standing in the street , I waited for Dirar to come over but he didn't , I got closer to the crowd to find Dirar's body sinking in blood , I hugged him tight to me and started screaming then I lost conscious .. I woke up the next day in the hospital with my mom's hands holding mine "Dirar ... Di .. Where is he ?"
Dirar died , he left me on my own .. The love of my life left me and it's all my fault... I had a depression after that and I stayed in the hospital for a while then I changed school ... My dad got out of jail and I was looking for a new start]

OMG ! All of this happened to her and she didn't tell me ? So that's why she's so sentimental ? That's why she changed school .. OMG poor Sarah

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