Nothing like us


8. pain


After two weeks
*Wadhah's POV*
can't believe that we're finally on vocation , now I can sleep whenever I want and wake up whenever I want

*Sami's POV* (he's wadhah's friend in case you forgot)
I could tell Wadhah wasn't as excited as usual for the break especially that he's gonna turn 18 really soon.
I saw him standing there on his own listening to music and reading a book ,
I got closer to him and said :
Me : -dude why are you standing here on your own ?
Wadhah : there's no specific reason I just don't feel so well
Me : if I wasn't your bestfriend , i'd say he doesn't like the school but you've been in this school for 2 weeks with 2 months later then the rest of the students and you already have many friends than I do and much better marks. Come on chill out , look how many girls are waiting for you to notice them .
Wadhah: I'm so not in the mood for them now
Me: look you should just stop whatever you're doing to yourself and go have some fun just like the olden days
Wadhah : i've known that girl for only 3 weeks , Okey for 2 days and I can't stop thinking about her , you know I don't get attached to people this easily but this time is different. 
I've been seeing her everyday during the theater classes , we barely talk and when we do it's usually about our parts .. I miss the way she used to blush when I talk to her , I really do

*Sarah's POV*
Why can't I stop thinking about him ? Despite the unforgivable thing he has done I feel like I want to go hug him and wish him a happy birthday but I just can't , I'm hurt .
Nesrine came and hugged me "stop thinking about him , look how happy he looks standing there with Sami probably talking about girls . You deserve a better guy , someone who'll love you no matter what , you'll get the fairytale you want I promise you that . Come on let's go home , we'll choose together something nice to wear and I'll take you out to an amazing place . Okey ? I will not take no for sn answer
Me : Okey , what else will I do , I need to get out , thank you

*Sami's POV*
Wadhah looked at Sarah and saw her smiling while hugging Nesrine , he could clearly see how happy she is . He stood up and went straight to Rasha and asked her on a date and of course she agreed while all the other girls were envying her .
-I'm glad , you're doing the right thing trust me . I said to Wadhah when he got back

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