Nothing like us


3. love ? no thanks


* sarah's pov *
days went by , we've been back to school for 2 months , I made a new friend her name is Nesrine , we go to theater classes together , it's the only time of the week when I feel like myself . The only problem is that in other classes she sits with her best friend while I'm sitting on my own , which I don't mind at all because I got used to it . 
One day I was sitting in the second row as usual when suddenly someone knocked on the door , we all turned our heads focusing on the door 
-Omg , who's that ? I said to myself .
That was a new guy in school , he had brown hazel eyes , shinny brown hair and amazing white teeth , he was wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of supra . He made his way across the classroom then came and set next to me , and god ! he smelt like Christmas candy or maybe even better , a cupcake bath and body works candle and since nobody's perfect I said "he must be mean , as if we needed more of those in this school" and for the next 5 minutes he kept looking at my t-shirt which made my opinion more accurate

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