Nothing like us


12. life is cruel

 *nesrine's pov*
Sarah dragged me into the cab and covered her face with both her hands screaming her address , even the driver could tell how upset she was . And how couldn't he ? The only question that was on my mind is "why does she care this much about a guy whom she has met 2 weeks ago? She's crazy"
We arrived at Sarah's house , she got upstairs and shut the door.
I didn't want to disturb her Julietty feelings if that even makes sense so I stayed in the kitchen with aunt Dalia who kept asking question about her sadness lately but the sis code didn't let me reveal anything , then I went home.

*Sarah's pov*
Why him ? Somebody please tell me I'm going crazy . I'm turning 18 soon and I've never liked anyone until now. 
This doesn't make any sense.
I'm hurt and no one can ever help me through this 

{next day}
*wadhah's pov*
Just tell me this was a nightmare , I lost the girl I like the most , and for what ? To be honest I had fun at the date yesterday , rasha could somehow help me forget Sarah for a while But I don't get why he kissed me .
And Sarah ? She ran away from me , apparently she doesn't even like me or else she'd tell me .

*nesrine's pov*
I woke up in the morning with nothing on the mind but what happened yesterday I feel sorry for Sarah .
I changed my clothes and went straight to her house , I ringed the doorbell and aunt dalia opened 
- good morning aunt 
- good morning nesrine
- how's she doing now ?
- no news , she hadn't left her room since yesterday
- oh god 
- just tell me what happened , she has been upset for the past two weeks , she didn't even watch tv once but yesterday when I saw her happy and dressed that way I thought things were getting better until ... You know 
- sorry I can't tell you , can I get upstairs ?
- yeah please go , she needs you .

I knocked on the door but Sarah didn't answer , I got in and found her laying there with a ton of candles surrounding her , her earphones on playing metal music and slouching in her black flannel pajamas decorated with scary bones, the ones she reserves for the aftermath of assorted illnesses, and for general moody depression. 
She was just laying there with tears dropping off her eyes .

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