Nothing like us


7. jealousy

Sarah's POV 
Nesrine called me , so I went to her . I looked to my left and I found Wadhah and the bitch still talking , she was insulting me , my idol and beliebers ... But that wasn't the actual problem because as I always say , I'm used to this kind of things , the problem is that Wadhah didn't give her the answer she deserved . All I heard was :
Rasha : I only said the truth , she's a loser , an ugly beliebitch or whatever Justin gay bieber's fans call themselves .
Wadhah : Okey 
Rasha : what about our date ?
Wadhah : we'll see
Why didn't he defend me ? Okey ? What Okey ? Why did he accept to go out with a girl like that ?
Why do I even care ? He's just a guy

I completed my way to Nesrine with my mouth opened and my eyes all fixed on her , she came to me and shook my shoulders 
Nesrine : what's going on ? Are you Okey?
Me: see that guy ?
Nesrine: oh yeah , the hot guy who set next to you yesterday ?
Me: yeah that one 
Nesrine: ohh why is he talking to that bitch ?
Me: they're both talking about going on a date. I thought that he was different but I was dead wrong . He told me that he was a boybelieber but he's not , I hate liars as much as I hate mean people 
Nesrine: just ignore him , act like you don't care 
Me : I don't think I have to , cause I really don't care , I just don't know what made me that mad

* minutes before math class *
I was sitting when suddenly that bastard came and stood next to me .
Wadhah : hey friend
Me : hey
Wadhah : can I sit here ?

* Should I accept ? Should I refuse ? I'll just accept , I don't want him to think that he means something to me , he's just a random new mean classmate *

Me: As you like .

Wadhah's POV:

I could tell something was wrong , she didn't look well and she didn't want to talk to me . But I set next to her anyway and none of us said another word .


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