Nothing like us


13. Had to do it

  *sarra's pov*
Sudenly I felt nesrine's hands hugging me until I thought my bones were breaking , I hugged her back and tears started pouring harder and harder
- stop crying please , why are you being so sentimental ?
- I really can't help it
- go take a shower maybe that'll make you feel better , we need to talk 

*nesrine's pov*
When Sarra got into the shower I took advantage of that and went to read her diaries , I know that sounds horrible but she wouldn't tell me anything even if I kept asking her day and night and I can't stand here doing nothing , she's my friend . 
I started reading the first pages and they were all written in black with a touch of skulls' pictures , they looked ao damn real .
[dear diaries , 
I feel so lonely , I kind of miss writing , I haven't been to school for 3 months due to a deep depression.
I'm writing this hoping to learn from it someday and teach my children how not to be like me if I would have any.
I've been through a lot in this period of time , I had a cute boyfriend , he used to mean the world to me , I've met him and I suddenly though that my life will change to the better. 
After my dad being in jail for drinking and my mom being broke , I found a job in the mall, on a cold winter day, after a long day of work, I was standing outside on my own , I felt kind of scared but that didn't stop me as there were a few people walking . Raising my face, I welcome the cool refreshing rain. I close my eyes and take a deep, purifying breath then went to stop a taxi, a young man got closer to me , he said hey but I didn't answer so he added "I'm so sorry if I freaked you out but I saw you standing on your own shaking from fear and coldness" as he got closer I was finally able to see his face, and he looked familiar . I felt more secure and he could notice that too I guess . That's when he handed me his jacket saying with a really soft voice "I'm Dirar, I live next to your school and I work in the mall too"
"oh yeah right hey"
"take the jacket you're probably freezing "
"thank you so much" 
"I don't think there is any taxis here , I've been waiting since forever, come on I'll walk you home"
I had no choice , I could whether accept his suggestion or wait on my own and only god knows what would happen
I shook my head approving and I smiled slightly wearing his jacket then ... ]

I stopped hearing the sound of the water pouring in the shower , I slipped the diaries in my bag and saw Sarah coming out

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