Nothing like us


2. first way to hell

A few minutes later the teacher came in , she walked in the room with her red high-heels and straight hair * I guess everyone in here look like models * I was staring at her when suddenly she pointed at me to go to the board and represent myself *that's why I hate the beginning of the school year* 
I made my way to the board while I was pulling my hoodie trying to hide my hands and as soon as I turned my back I saw the girls laughing at my style , I didn't really care , I'm used to this kind of remarks , I only feel comfortable when I'm online checking justin's twitter or listening to his music , I know this sounds too much but trust me it's the truth 
- represent yourself to your new classmates 
- mm hey my name is Sarah , I .. I'm 17 years old and ...

I just couldn't help but notice those giggles I just can't ..
I guess the teacher noticed my stress , she looked at the rest of the class and asked them to stop , she was surprisingly nice I guess not all the people who wear fancy clothes are evil . 
But I preferred to regain my chair and stop talking . Well that was my first hour of school , an hour of torture , I packed my bag and as soon as the bell rang I went to another class then another one and another one . Days went by so fast , same routine until someday ...

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