Nothing like us


9. because the devil wears prada


{ the first day of vocation }
* Wadhah's POV *
what ? It's already 2 pm ? I should go take a shower and get ready for the date . Haven't been on one for so long , I remember those days when I used to go out with a different girl every weekend , I miss those days.
I got off my bed and went straight to the shower and of course I didn't forget to sing as usual , my friends say that I have a good voice but I can't really believe them , the only two girls that had ever heard me singing are my mom and my sister Chaima . Now that I'm feeling fresh , it's time for the outfit 
"Chaima !! where are you ? Come help me choose something to wear"
Chaima : wait !! Stop screaming you good for nothing lazy ! 
Me: come on !
Chaima laughing ) Okey Okey ! 
I really love my sister , she was there for me every time I needed her especially when my mom and dad broke up ! 
Chaima : here you go ! A simple but chic outfit 
Me : thank you sis 
Chaima : I forgot to ask you , where are you going ?
Me : mmm you know me
Chaima : not anymore , you're now into theater , you're reading books and plays and you haven't been on a date for almost 2 weeks ! This is a record
Me : Okey stop ! I'm going on a date . Happy ?
Chaima : just be careful Okey ?
Me : Okey big sister
Chaima : I'm only 5 years older than you 
Me : Ughh girls
As soon as she went down stairs , I putted on my clothes then went to check my phone 
6 missed calls from Rasha 
What the hell ? I called her back 
me : hey 
Rasha : hey baby , where are you ?
Me : I've just finished wearing my clothes 
Rasha : you can come without them if you want 
Me : no I'd rather not
Rasha : too bad , well look i'm waiting for you in the coffee shop right in front of the mall , don't be late
Me : I won't

This girl is crazy !! I got out of the house and took a taxi to where we've decided to meet up .

*Rasha's POV* 
Ines has heard Nesrine and Sara talking about going to the mall today , it's such an amazing opportunity to show that bitch that Wadhah is mine and only mine, I'm the queen and I can get whatever I want and especially whoever I want .
I don't know how Wadhah got attached to that loser so fast , there's nothing special about her except for her excessive ugliness and short body . I mean I get how fast I got attached to Wadhah but he's a hottie and she's not . She'll be forever alone with her ugly t-shirts , bad taste of music and fake sneakers hahaha

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